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Learn Everything There is to Know About Laundry Day in The Sims 4!

The Laundry Day stuff pack for The Sims 4 introduces the concept of washing your Sims’ clothes, drying them, and making them spotless! And although the theme of this extension might be too narrow, it’s still an interesting addition to the game. 

This pack was voted to be made by the community. It adds a realistic note to the game and gives our Sims more household chores. And as with any other stuff pack for The Sims 4, Laundry day came with a few interesting items besides the washing and the drying machines, that you can use in your regular gameplay.

Let’s check everything that you get with purchasing this pack, as well as some guidelines on how you can wash and dry your clothes.

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The Sims 4 Laundry Day: An Overview

What Do You Get with Laundry Day?

Washing Items

As we mentioned already, in Laundry day you primarily get washing-related stuff. These include a washer, a dryer, a hamper, a washtub, and a clothesline.

Now, the washer and a dryer come as individual items, but you could also stack them on top of each other. Also, these two are upgradable, so you can work towards making them faster.

The washtub is just an alternative way of washing your clothes. And the clothesline is there for you to dry them outside.

The hamper is where you can store your dirty clothes.

Regular Items

As for the regular items, there are chairs, tables, drawers, doors, and wall decorations. There are a couple of hamper and beans, as well as towels and baskets full of washing supplies.

Nearly all of these items are furnished with light wood, painted in sky-blue and orange color. They fit perfectly in a house with a large yard, although you can make them work in an apartment too.

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The clothing in Laundry Day is centered around the country theme. As you might expect, there are shirts and dresses with short or no sleeves at all and flowery decorations. They fit a certain suburban and spring-type of fashion that wasn’t too popular in the game before. 

There are clothes both for males and females, although they’re very similar.

How to Wash and Dry Clothes?

Washing Your Clothes

When it comes to washing your clothes, you have two options: the washing machine or the washtub. First, you’ll need to grab your clothes from your dirty hamper by selecting Do Laundry. Next, you can choose whether to Add to Washing Machine or Wash in Wash Tub

The washing machine is overall faster and should be your choice if you’re doing an indoor washing. However, the washtub engages your Sim in physical activity, so it can be a sort of a workout too. Note that it’s totally possible to fail with both methods, which results in your clothes not being clean.

Interesting interactions to try out here include watching the washer do its job and adding weird foods as washing scents (cheese, for example).

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Drying Your Clothes

Whenever the washing is done, you can click on either the dryer or the clothesline to begin drying your clothes. Of course, the drying is much faster. The clothesline takes up to 12 hours of a Sim’s day to fully dry your clothes.

Please be careful when you dry your clothes with the drying machine. You should perform Clean Lint Trap whenever you can. And if you forget this feature, there is a very high chance to start a fire with your dryer. So, always clean your lint trap!


Although Laundry Day isn’t the most exciting addition to The Sims 4 because it mimics the real world, it’s a good touch on the game. We liked playing with it a lot in the beginning, but we admit that it can become pretty boring once you repeat it a couple of times. However, this is only a stuff pack and it isn’t meant to add too many new things. Tell us if you liked The Sims 4: Laundry Day what did you enjoy doing!

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