SNOOTYSIMS’ Latest CC: Chair CC Set for the Sims 4!

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A new bundle of joy to all of our fellow Simmers is now available on our Patreon. In case you haven’t been following us on Patreon, or on any of our socials, we now share a new CC weekly, sometimes more! This time around, it’s a set of six “rocking” chairs in some pretty chill floral swatches. We’d more than love to see you use them in your next builds. Tag us on Twitter or drop us a comment with your gallery ID!

chair cc set
Sims 4 Chair CC Set – Find on Patreon!

1 Set 6 Chairs


Well, well, well, a new set of 6 chairs CC is coming your way now! Please note that the chairs aren’t actually functional as rocking chairs, but your Sims can still eat their lunch seated on them, no problem there 😉 

Each chair is available in one floral swatch only, except for the first one in the pic below. Something that just had to break the circle. 

Untitled 2 Recoveredas

The rig of the chair on the far right has been adjusted, so your Sims won’t be floating in the air while sitting on it.

How to Find:

Just search your build/buy menu for SNOOTYSIMS Chairs Set ❤


Some in-game screenshots

I’m using a shader preset, a pretty humble one. I totally recommend using one, by the way. You could always play around with the effects to create a scene to your liking. You could check out some cool shader presets here.

More Awesome Sims 4 Chair CC Finds on SNOOTYSIMS

Go on and browse SNOOTYSIMS for a whole lot of the best chair CC finds for the Sims 4! Happy simming and see you soon with a new CC of ours.😉

sims 4 chair cc

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