Sims 4 Voice Mod – How to Change Your Sim’s Voice?


Get New Voices for Your Sims With This Mod!

For as long as we can remember, The Sims 4 has had the same voice options throughout the years. We have a couple of different voices for both males and females, ranging from deep to high. But no matter which Sim you’re creating and how unique he/she is, the voice will still be the same as the ones you’ve created in the past. This is obviously a problem if you want a true one-of-a-kind Sim. And in our opinion, we need more voice variety in the game. So today we’re taking a look at the Sims 4 voice mod!

Why would you want to change the voice of your Sim?

Well, first of all, it’s fun! Adding new voices to new Sims is a good way to freshen up your gameplay and have new experiences within the same old game. Plus, playing TS4 with new voices means that you can personalize your characters even further and give them new personalities too. The voice of your Sim is something that you hear pretty often while playing, so it’s good to have a say in which sound you’re going to hear that often.

That said, let’s check the Sims 4 mod that will give your Sim a new voice!

Sims 4 Voice Mod: An Overview

The Sims 4 voice mod that we use in 2021 is called “The Sims 4 Voices: Effects”. This isn’t a new mod by all means, but it’s one of the most useful ones in this category. It’s developed by CuteCuteSimChild who initially uploaded his extension in 2018 on ModTheSims. Since then, the mod has been downloaded nearly 20,000 times, which really speaks of how much fun of an experience it can be.

Click here to download the latest version of the Sims 4 voice mod!

Make sure to check out the author’s info in the description section to learn more about how to use cheats alongside the mod!

How Do The Voices Work?

The voices in this mod are treated as traits. This means that if you want to change the voice of your Sim, then you’ll have to add one of the new traits. And similar, if you want to remove the new voice and revert back to the base game one, you only need to remove the trait. Obviously, you can use cheats to do this instantly. But you can also use the CAS menu as well.

There are three new voices in this mod. Each of them should be familiar to you, though it wasn’t playable as it is now.

The three voices in the Sims 4 Voice Effects mod are:

  • Grim Reaper Voice
  • Alien Voice
  • Ghost Voice

And that’s pretty much it. All three voices are pretty unique in their own way, and they can sound pretty interesting on your Sim. Keep in mind that you change between them whenever you like, so you might want to check them all out.

And if you’re having trouble installing the Sims 4 voice mod, check our in-depth guide on mods and CC for help!


The Sims 4 Voice Effects mod may not be the most complete extension out there, but it’s still a pretty handy tool. It introduces three new voice options for our Sims, which is much better than nothing in our opinion. For us, it’s been a blast to playing the game this way. Our Sims do regular things while speaking like the Grim Reaper – it’s funny! And we hope that the mod will be fun for you too!

Happy simming!

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