Sims 4 Scouts – All You Need To Know About Scouting

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Would you like to try to become a scout in the Sims 4? If you have ever been to an educational camp as a child or a teen, you know how fun the experience can get. The great news is, that your young people of Sims can fully experience the joys that scouting brings. If you’d like to learn more about how to become once, where to start and how to progress as a scout, you are in the right place. This is your super detailed guide on the Sims 4 scouts. Buckle up and let’s jump right into it.

sims 4 scouts

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Who Can Become a Scout In the Sims 4?

Scouting was first introduced in the Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack. It is a great chance for your youngsters to become girl scouts and boy scouts. Scouting would help them establish character values and skill gains by developing exploring-related skills and having fun doing fun activities. Joining a scouting career is a great start in mastering useful skills they can later benefit from long-term. Joining the scouts is easy, but it’s not for everyone. To become one of the sims 4 scouts, your Sims must be a teenager or a child. Young adults, adults, and the elderly cannot be scouts in Sims 4.

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How to Become a Scout in The Sims 4?

To join the scouts, make the child or a teenager you’d like to become the explorer an active Sims. Then, click on the phone icon. If they are a child, select “Join After School Activity“, or, if they are a teen Sims, select the “Find a Job” option.

You’ll notice that teens will have a list of outdoorsy activities that they can perform, of jobs that they can take, so just select Scout. However, for children, there is currently only one after-school activity available, and that is scouting. Currently, there is a total of 5 levels teens and children can reach in a Scouting career.

sims 4 scouts Career Levels

1) Llama Scout Level – To progress to the next level you must earn 1 Scouting badge. As a reward, you’ll get Scout Badge Board and the unique explorer outfit. In addition, your character will learn to do a secret scout handshake.

2) Griffon Scout Level – When you reach this level you receive a Scouting manual (book) that has no use. To progress you must earn 2 more Scouting badges, or have 3 badges in total.

3) Unicorn Scout Level – Upon reaching this level you receive a bronze Scouting trophy. If you want to keep moving forward you will have to earn 3 more scouting badges or a total of 6.

4) Pegasus Scout Level – Upon reaching this level you receive a silver Scouting trophy. You will also have to earn 3 more badges to keep going to the next level. This means nine Sims 4 scouts badges in total.

5) Llamacorn Scout Level – You’ll receive a Gold Scouting Trophy, an expert scout uniform, and the Expert Scout trait that allows you to build skills a little faster.

Lifelong scouting Aptitude Rewards Trait

Once they learn enough scouting experience, unlock badges and receive decent ranks, your Sims will receive a lifelong scouting aptitude reward trait. This will improve all their efforts in gaining new skills by an impressive 25%. And the best part is, they will be able to benefit from it throughout their whole life. The scouting aptitude trait is quite handy since you’ll not only gain valuable skills while in the scouts but also be able to learn all future skills much faster than others.

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How to Earn sims 4 scouts Badges

Your kids and teens will be sent to do Scout activities on Sundays (and Saturdays in some cases) from 2 pm to 4 pm. Once they join the scouting career, your tasks will be to perform activities that earn them badges. Expect that you will have to make them repeat a certain activity a few times before they become eligible to earn a badge.

To earn different badges you must make your sim complete a series of different actions. For example, for the Sociability badge, your Sims will have to interact with others and socialize. With the right amount of dedication, they are usually easily earned but earning some takes more time than others.

Types of Scout Badges

For each badge, you will be required to perform unique activities related to the meaning of the badge. Once you have completes a set of required activities for a badge, simply refocus your attention on gaining the next badge and doing other activities.

There are a total of 9 different badges your Sims will be able to earn by doing different tasks and interactions. Each of the Sims 4 scouts badges has either 5, 6, 8, or 12 ranks.

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Badges With 5 ranks

  • The Young Scientist Badge – To get this badge, make your Sims do scientific activities, such as using a computer for programming, or using a microscope or telescope.
  • The Scholarly Aptitude – To get this badge your child or teen will have to do intellectual activities like reading books or doing homework.
  • The Give Back Badge – To earn this badge, your sim has to donate items to charity from your mailbox and computer or use the “Make Gifts” friendly interaction.

sims 4 scouts Badges with 6 ranks

  • The Arts and Crafts Badge – As you can imagine this badge will give your Sims different artistic aptitudes. To get this badge, you will have to make crafts, drawings, or paintings.
  • The Good Deeds Badge – To earn the Sims 4 scouts good deeds badge, your Sims will have to do some good deeds. Try entertaining a toddler, making them make a random Sims laugh, take out the trash, or help someone with homework.
  • The Keep Fit Badge – For this badge, prepare to do some dancing and exercising!
  • The Outdoor Adventurer Badge – For this one, your Sims will have to do outdoor activities. Try some fishing, looking for frogs, or grilling outside.

Badges with 8 and 12 ranks

  • The Civic Responsibility Badge – Earning this badge will require your Sims to perform cleanup or repair actions. Spotless! For this one, you’ll have to do 8 repetitions of cleaning or repairing actions. Not everything can be cleaned by kids, so look for messes that a child can handle with ease.
  • The Sociability Badge – This is one of the Sims 4 scouts that takes the most effort to earn. You will have to make friendly interactions with another Sims and repeat that 12 times.

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