How To Remove Money From Household Funds

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Whether you’re playing a Rags to Riches challenge or just went overboard with the motherlode cheat, here’s an easy way to remove money in The Sims 4.

Remove Money

There are lots of reasons why you may find yourself needing to decrease the funds in your Sim’s household account. It could be part of a challenge you’re playing, or you need lower funds to play with certain mods. Maybe you gave the household a bunch of money so you could build freely, and now that you’re done you want to change it to a more normal income amount. No matter the reason, if you want to remove money from your sims it’s super easy to do.

Remove Money With A Simple Cheat

Money Cheat

Before you try removing money you will need to activate testingcheats. Once you’ve got that done, enter the following cheat into the cheat console bar:

money X

Instead of the letter “X” you will enter whatever amount of money you want your sims to have, even §0, and the game will automatically subtract whatever is necessary to get the household balance to your desired amount. It’s really that simple!

For example, if you want your sims to have §5,000 available to them, you would enter

money 5000

Or if your sim has §200,000 and you want to take §180,000 away, you’d do the math to see that leaves §20,000 and enter

money 20000

Don’t include any money signs, commas, or decimals in the cheat or it won’t work properly.

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rags to riches sims

Alternate Methods To Removing Money

If you don’t want to deal with the mathematics of the money cheat or prefer a more randomized number than what you can think up, you can always spend your sims’ money on expensive items and either lock them away in an inaccessible basement so you don’t see them, or destroy them. You can try setting items on fire by leaving them next to a burning fireplace but that always runs the risk of harming other objects or even your sims, so use this method with caution.

Wasting Money edited

Another way of hiding the item without needing to build extra space is by buying something expensive and then using the bracket keys [ ] to resize the object until it’s small enough to be stashed in a bush somewhere with the MoveObjects cheat. Alternatively, you can use the item as decor in its shrunken state which makes the cost less obvious. For example, the “Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor” (see image) just looks like an action figure when you make it small. When you have MoveObjects on you can use the 9 and 0 keys to raise the item up so you can sit it on a shelf or wherever you’d like.

If you purchase items that can be placed in your sims’ inventory, like computers, you can leave them in other places in the world or even gift them to another sim, which has the advantage of a potential relationship boost!

Players with the Romantic Garden Stuff Pack have the option of tossing their money away down the Wishing Well, but this one is also risky as your sim can face dire consequences if the Well is in a bad mood!

In Conclusion

Messing with your sims’ finances is pretty easy if you know what you’re doing, and there are several ways to remove money from their funds. Whether you choose the money cheat or get rid of it by spending it frivolously on items you hide or give away, you can easily lower your sims’ savings with a little bit of clever gameplay. Which method do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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