Sims 4 Remove Money – How to Remove Money in Sims 4


There are many ways to remove money in the Sims 4. It’s not always necessary that you’re gonna be using cheats. Over time, you’ll accumulate enough money to buy an entire country, 10 times. Of course, sitting with 10 zillion Simoleons can be a little bit boring.

Sometimes, it’s just annoying to be that rich, it’s immersion-breaking. This guide will help you how to get rid of your money, fast and efficient.

There’s a lot of ways to remove money in this game, for example, buying clothes. And speaking of clothes, check out this post to find the best clothing mods for your Sims!

Disposing via Console Cheats

Of course, it’s the easiest thing to do in the game. Removing money via console cheats will help you dispose your money efficiently by breaking the in-game rules using cheats.

To remove money in the Sims 4 using the console commands, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + C simultaneously to pull up the panel. Input testingcheats true to activate the cheats and then type money X (X corresponds to the amount of money you’ll want to have, whether it’s 0 or 9 yotillion)allow you to dump your money in the game’s files.

For example, typing money 12000 will grant you with 12000 Simoleons. You can even type money 0 to reduce your entire funds to zero.

Sims 4 Remove Money Guide: Buying Expensive Items and Paying Bills

It’s pretty much a pretty common thing to do. Even if you’re not playing Sims 4, if you’re buying things, you’re burning your money. You can also do this in the Sims 4 and one of the best ways to get rid of your money is to buy expensive items, then burn them down. Repeat the same process for maximum monetary loss.

You can also buy tons of utility items and move into a bigger home to spend more on electricity and other bills accompanied with living in luxury.

Or you can always buy a furniture. For example, there are a lot of custom furniture you can check here.

Some Useful Cheats

rosebud/kaching – Rewards you with 1000 Simoleons
motherload – rewards you with 50000 Simoleons

You can always look for jobs and careers that will net you with money. Check this guide to find out how.

Removing money in the Sims 4 is a lot easier, but it’s even easier in real life. Investing in downhill stocks, buying unnecessary items, or straight up throwing your money outside your window will definitely grant you a faster time removing your money. But in the Sims 4, it’s just convenient.

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