A New Critical Update For The Sims 4

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The Sims Team released another update for The Sims 4 on March 06, 2024. The said critical update includes fixes for bugs that Simmers have encountered in the game as of late. Read everything about it in this article!

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The Latest Updates in The Sims 4

Just before the launch of the latest shiny addition to The Sims 4, the Crystal Creations stuff pack, we received two recent game updates, both on February 2024. These updates included major bug fixes to the game. Then, just this March 2024, almost a week after the release of the said stuff pack, the Sims Team rolled out another update that hopes to address the critical issues reported by Simmers. We will discuss all these updates in this article!

Update 2/27/2024: The First Update

  • PC:
  • Mac:
  • Console: 1.87
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The Update 2/27/2024 is the first February update that we received in The Sims 4, after the 1.104 January update that came with the arrival of the Castle Estate and Goth Galore Kits. The said February update included plenty of fixes in the base game, expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and kits. Here are just some of our favorite inclusions:

  1. Base Game: The reward traits our Sims have obtained through the Rewards Store will no longer be allowed to be purchased multiple times.
  2. Cats & Dogs: The Sims Team has updated the descriptions of a few breeds of cats and dogs.
  3. Get Famous: The fridges using ice that are Off the Grid will no longer drain power.
  4. For Rent: The Nasi Lemak now has a more accurate model to represent the dish and the previous visual dish has been added as the new recipe Coconut Rice.
  5. Home Chef Hustle: The frequency of fires that will start when cooking with the ChowBella Portable Pizza Oven and ChowBella Heart Waffle Maker have been lessened.

To view the full list of the Update 2/27/2024, we can read about it here.

Update 2/28/2024: The Second Update

  • PC: 1.105.332.1020
  • Mac: 1.105.332.1220
  • Console: 1.88
Screenshot 2024 03 07 151419

A day after the release of the Update 2/27/2024, another update was rolled out by The Sims Team, instantly available on PC, Mac, and Xbox. This update included a few bug fixes for the Base Game—tackling two critical issues that were discovered right after the said February 27 update. Here are these fixes:

  1. Base Game: The Sims Team addressed an issue where our Sims that had achieved certain skill levels and had unlocked or crafted specific recipes, or had written music, were then unable to select interactions on themselves, on other Sims, and on certain objects.
  2. Base Game: The team also fixed the cart button to correct an issue that was causing it to animate for longer and more frequently than intended.

We can view the details of the Update 2/28/2024 here.

Update 3/6/2024: The New Critical Update

  • PC: 1.105.345.1020
  • Mac: 1.105.345.1220
  • Console: 1.89
Screenshot 2024 03 07 150902

The latest update this March 06, 2024, includes critical fixes on the issues that have been reported by plenty of Simmers when this third month of the year rolled around. These fixes tackle problems regarding the Base Game, the For Rent expansion pack, and the newly launched Crystal Creations stuff pack. Here are just some of the latest changes to the new game version:

  1. Base Game: The team has updated some performance optimizations that had caused certain moodlets to inadvertently be removed from Sims on load.
  2. For Rent: Simmers should once again be able to successfully open the Profile Panel of another Sim after Eavesdropping on them and see any secrets that were learned about them.
  3. Crystal Creations: The game corrected an issue where our Sims’ bodies would gradually change in size each time a Sim put on or took off crafted jewelry. This issue primarily affected Teens, Adults, and Elders, while there was minimal impact on the Young Adults.

Here is where we can read about the full list of the Update 03/06/2024.

Why Should We Get The New Critical Update?

Screenshot 2024 03 07 153545

The March update is pretty essential to the game since it resolves all the previous issues raised by our fellow Simmers, and it’s especially helpful if we have gotten ourselves the new Crystal Creations stuff pack. Plus, making sure to update our game to the latest version will help us prevent encountering any bugs in the future.


Well, we’ll surely be updating to the game version 1.105.345 ourselves pretty soon! How about you? Have you also updated your games? Please let us know in the comments if you encounter any issues while playing with the latest game version. Also, kindly follow us on Patreon and our social media sites. We are on GoogleFacebookTwitterYouTube,  Instagram, TikTokPinterest, and Tumblr. Happy simming, Simmers!

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