The Sims 4 Lovestruck Official Gameplay Trailer Is Out Now!

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What did we learn from the Lovestruck Official Gameplay Trailer? Get all the details here.

Lovestruck Official Gameplay Trailer

The Sims 4 Lovestruck Official Gameplay Trailer has launched!

We had high hopes for what simmers might glean from this new trailer and although it didn’t show much, we did get more insight into the upcoming Expansion Pack that we’re happy to share. Here are the details of the Lovestruck Official Gameplay Trailer!

The Lovestruck Official Gameplay Trailer – A Summary


The trailer is narrated by Karina, a sim who tells us all about the dating scene and gives us tips for romantic success. We expect she’ll either be a new NPC in the Expansion Pack and if not, she’ll probably pop up in the Gallery once the EP releases.

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We start off by taking a look at a sim who has been surfing Cupid’s Corner for a while without luck. He eventually comes upon a profile for Liberty Lee, and it looks like he’s Turned On by her Clumsy Trait. Karina advises us to set up a date right away when we find a sim that catches our attention!💖

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There are 3 different types of dates sims can go on. The Get To Know You Date is a more relaxed get-together where sims can learn more about each other and see if they vibe well in person. The Romantic Date is a more traditional outing for sims ready to jump into romance or for those who already have a romance going with another sim. You can decide what kind of activities you want your sims to do on the date, tailored to their Interests and Traits.

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If your sims’ relationship is on the rocks and you want to try reigniting the spark they once shared, The Romantic Repair Date is a great opportunity to rekindle what it was that brought them together in the first place.❤️‍🔥

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Not every date is going to be perfect, however. Your sim may find once they’re out on a date that they’re just not vibing with the other sim or their date behaves in a way that your sim considers a Turn Off. It’s easy to duck out of a date before it’s over if this is the case, relying on the trusty “emergency phone call” tactic that many of us know all too well!

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Sims with opposing Traits and Turn Ons/Offs are going to be a lot harder to partner up, and if they decide to try it you’re going to find that their relationships need a lot more work to flourish. These sims will likely end up in a Strained or Unpredictable relationship, but each sim might view things differently depending on how they feel about their partner.

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While the Lovestruck Official Gameplay Trailer didn’t show us much of the new lots coming in Ciudad Enamorada, we did get a glimpse of this rabbithole location that appears to be a love hotel. Sims disappear into the hotel for a little Woohoo and we watch as sparks follow the lines of the building before reaching the roof where satellites blast the aura into the world. Perhaps this signal will put other sims in the area into a more romantic mood?🏩

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Although this trailer didn’t give any special attention to the new CAS content, there is one detail that people have been noticing and seem to be really excited about. It looks like our sims will be getting new and improved eyelashes! Lashes are a very popular CC item for players who don’t care for the solid cartoon-like lashes The Sims 4 has been sporting so far and while it’s not clear if these will be a new face characteristic or just falsies that can be added as an accessory, either way simmers are very much looking forward to them.

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Karina ends the Lovestruck Official Gameplay Trailer by reminding us that it’s important to work on our Romance Skill whenever we can, and that opportunities for love are all over the place. Whether your sim is trying to find “The One” or they’re after a torrid love affair (or three, or five…) there’s something for them with the Lovestruck EP!🫰

The Sims 4 Lovestruck Releases On 25 July!

Lovestruck Preorder Bonus

You can pre-order The Sims 4 Lovestruck today, or wait until it launches in 2 weeks to get in on the lovin’. Players who purchase the game between now and 5 September will get three additional bonus items from the Heartbreak Happens digital content package.

We hope you’re as excited about this upcoming Expansion Pack as we are, and keep it here on SNOOTYSIMS for more updates about Lovestruck once it releases. We love having you here!

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