Is There An Inheritance Mod For The Sims 4?

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About Inheritance in ts4

Inheritance is a big topic in the real world. It’s something that our family leaves to us when they go to a better place, which can either be a house, car or most commonly – money. Well, simmers have been very confused about inheritance in Sims 4 and whether they need a mod for that. I admit, the situation is a bit confusing, but I’ll try my best to explain to you how everything works.

You see, when The Sims 4 was first released back in 2014, there was no inheritance of any kind. Your Sim could have very rich parents, but when they would die, the money would simply disappear. This baffled me as well as all my friends that play TS4. And it simply didn’t make sense why our Sims couldn’t get an inheritance since the feature was present in older games such as The Sims 2.

Well, Sims 4 fixed this by adding an inheritance feature a couple of years later. And even though it works okay, getting an inheritance now in TS4 doesn’t feel great at all. It’s actually a very small feature with many problems, which I’ll explain later.

But back in the day, we used to use an inheritance mod for The Sims 4 to supplement the absence of any inheritance system in the game. However, that and all similar mods have been forgotten for many years now, so you can’t really use them. Sadly, there is no stable inheritance mod in 2021 for Sims 4.

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Does Sims 4 Have Inheritance?

The Sims 4 has an inheritance system. It was added with the release of The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, so you can’t get an inheritance in the game if you don’t own this DLC. It costs $40, and it’s the only way to have an inheritance feature in TS4.

I know, this looks far from perfect. And I completely agree that it isn’t fair that you have to pay if you want to have an inheritance in the game you’ve already paid for… It should definitely be a free update for everyone since it’s a small detail that isn’t even relevant that much to the theme of Eco Lifestyle. And frankly, it isn’t even that well-developed either.

Here’s how it actually works.

How Does the Inheritance Work in Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle?

In Eco Lifestyle, there is a chance for your Sim to receive a phone call informing them that a relative has died and that they have some money to inherit. Here are the 3 response options that your Sim has when that happens.

  • Accept without questions
  • Ask about conditions
  • Refuse the offer

Now, if you accept the inheritance without any questions, the game will force your Sim to get married within 7 days. And if you don’t get married in 7 days, then you’ll lose the right to claim the inheritance. 

The second option will give you a bit of money right away and won’t bother you to do other things. And the third option is simply a refusal, and your Sim doesn’t gain anything.

And that’s pretty much it!

As you can see, a Sims 4 inheritance mod would greatly fit the game since the existing system is way too little and insignificant.

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How Much Money Do You Get from the Inheritance in Sims 4?

If your Sim has received a call that a relative has died and they accept the inheritance without asking questions, then they will get 2,500 simoleons. But if they ask about conditions and choose to get married, your Sim will get a total of 5,000 simoleons of their inheritance in Sims 4.


I’m really bothered by the fact that there is no Sims 4 inheritance mod out there, especially because no one I know particularly likes the inheritance feature in the game. Sure, it’s a bit of extra money for your Sim, but it happens randomly and not always. We need an inheritance system that will let our Sims inherit everything from their parents and so on. 

But sadly, that’s not the case here!

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