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If you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering what it would be like to have an underwater adventure and explore the ocean bottom with your Sims. Well, that’s just what we’ll teach you to do! Continue reading to learn all about how to Sims 4 Survey the Ocean Wildlife like a pro!

sims 4 survey ocean wildlife

With the launch of The Sims 4: Island Living, we got the opportunity to explore the ocean wildlife, survey the water, and become Conservationists. Unlike Sims 3 and 2 where interactions with the Oceans were limited, now you get so much more to explore. Sims can now take samples from the ocean and track changes in the marine ecosystem, and even become mermaids. Continue reading to find out how to Sims 4 Survey the Ocean Wildlife like a pro.

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How to unlock sims 4 survey ocean wildlife option?

Surveying the ocean is one of the fun activities reserved for marine wildlife enthusiast Sims who desire to become pros in a Conservationist career and Marine Biologist branch.

Survey Ocean Wildlife is an action that you could unlock once you reach Level 7 in the Conservationist career in the Marine Biologist branch, or when you become an environmental manager. Moreover, To be the best at what they do, your Sims will also need to boost their Fitness at this point, so prepare yourself to level up at the gym. You’ll also be required to take Logic Skill beyond Level 6.

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What do I need to get started?

Just like in real life, you’ll need some scuba diving and snorkeling equipment before you embark on ocean adventures. To buy these, find one of the buoys floating in the ocean. Click on it, and select ”Dive Gear…”’. This will give you five options to choose from. If your Sims can purchase them all, great! Purchasing them all will unlock more fun actions you can try underwater. If not, your top priority should be Rebreather for breathing underwater, which you can get for $750. Scuba gear will be essential unless your Sims becomes a mermaid, which we will discuss later.

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How to Survey Ocean Wildlife in the Sims 4?

To do this fun activity, you’ll need some buoys first. There are two types of buoys floating in the ocean in Sims 4 – green and red. The green buoy is found in the shallower waters, and the red buoy can be found in deeper waters. To start your surveying journey, get into the ocean and look for a green buoy first. Once you find it, you’ll be able to dive or snorkel and perform Sims 4 survey ocean wildlife. To start a survey select the option ”Survey Ocean Wildlife”. If you choose the Marine Biologist Branch for your Sims, expect to do a lot of Surveying as exploring the ocean will be your daily task.

If your Sims is required to survey for a job task, if the simple ”Survey Ocean Wildlife” action doesn’t complete it, the best way to go about it is to find creatures in the ocean to interact with, such as fish, turtles, or corals. Clicking on the ocean for a survey, and not the buoy, will make your Sims investigate the level of pollution of ocean water, not the wildlife.

How to Sims 4 Survey Ocean Floor as a Mermaid?

Did you know that you can explore the ocean as a mermaid? The Sims 4 survey ocean wildlife mermaid is slightly different than surveying as a normal character. Unlike your ”normal” Sims, mermaids in the game will need to go a little deeper to get to know the beauty of the ocean. Instead of green buoys, search for red buoys floating in the ocean, and click on ”Survey Ocean Floor”. You will find these in the waters of Lani St. Taz and in the Island of Sulani, in Mua Pel’am. However to do this kind of exploring, your Sims will need to become a legit mermaid, first.

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How to become a mermaid?

To explore as a mermaid and become one, they will need to take Mermadic Kelp. There are two ways you can find kelp. One, you can purchase it from the Rewards menu, or, two, find it in a hidden cave in Mua Pel’am or when diving in deep waters. Once they take it, just get them to the ocean and let the mermaid tail grow! Ta-da, you are now officially ready to survey as a mermaid.

Being a mermaid has its pros. You’ll be able to swim to areas you’ll like to survey faster which is a real-time-saver as you’ll be required to go to different places all the time. Additionally, you’ll be able to use a special mermaid shell horn to lure in interesting types of fish and sea creatures to you.

Getting samples from the ocean

Now that you know where to survey ocean wildlife Sims 4, and how to do it, it is time to take some samples. If you choose a Convservationist career path for your character, expect to fully enjoy the perks of it. Not only can you explore and enjoy the richness of the deep blue ocean, but you can also collect some samples.

To do so, click on a green buoy, and select the option ”Get a Sample From The Ocean”. This will help them collect some fun analysis material. Anything you find on this underwater expedition, you’ll also find in your Sims inventory. Doing it is essential for collecting valuable research data, and you can even earn some simoleons by selling your results.

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