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For those fishing enthusiasts who have been looking for something new in the sims 4, this article will be the perfect place to start. Have you been searching high, low, far, and wide for some more Sims fishing spots? I got you covered! With a little effort, you can find fishing spots in your Sims 4 neighborhood. Read on to find out where some Sims fishing spots are hiding – sometimes in plain sight!

sims 4 fishing spots

Sims Fishing in The Sims 4

There are a few fishing spots hidden around in The base game of the Sims 4 that you might find to be quite enjoyable. If your sim loves to fish, there are designated areas near rivers, oceans, and lakes that they could fish in. A small wooden sign with a fish symbol on it will be located in front of Sims fishing areas. 

Sims can also fish in ponds: these ponds are located near community lots and residential areas. 

Some of these Sims fishing areas aren’t marked and will be tricky to find unless you’re curious enough!

I happened to find a fishing spot right next to my Sim’s house in Willow Creek by chance and it had the fishing sign in front of it.

Besides being able to cook delicious meals with the fish you catch, you can sell them, simultaneously contribute to cleaning Sulani’s waters by catching different types of fish, and you can sometimes catch random objects and items like upgrade parts, pomegranate, cowplant berries and apples.

Click here to see how to catch different kinds of fish!

So if you haven’t tried Sims fishing yet here’s your chance to try it out for yourself. And the best part is you won’t have to do a lot of running around in circles to find them because I’ve already done that for you!

Literally, I had to run around in circles and re-trace my steps because their locations are so tricky!

Here are some Sims fishing spots categorized by Residential World.

Sims Fishing Location
A body of water near Crawdad Quarter

Sims fishing locations in Willow Creek

The empty house across from Crawdad Quarter has a designated fishing location! Facing the house, look to the left and you’ll see the sign a few feet away. 

It is hidden in plain sight because you’ll only see it if you move a Sim into that residential lot or into the house next to it!

The next fishing spot in this world is in Magnolia Blossom Park. It is located diagonally from the public bathrooms and is a decent walk from there which definitely makes this tricky to spot. But you get to enjoy the beautiful environment while you walk there!

Sims Fishing Spot
Willow Creek Deep Water

There is also another spot right across from the Oakenstead residential lot.

Locations in Oasis Springs

Head to Desert Bloom Park and walk further into the Park until you reach the back of it. You’ll approach a pond: this fishing area doesn’t have a sign so you can easily just think it’s just scenery, but you’ll see fish jumping out of the water!

Sims Fishing Spot
Oasis Springs Park

Then in Parched Prospect, navigate to the Nookstone residential lot. While facing the empty home, look behind it and slightly to the left, then walk down the hill until you see the fishing sign. 

At Agave Abode residential lot, facing the home, go to the right and walk down the slope. You wouldn’t know about this spot unless you created a household here!

There are two additional fishing spots near each other: one across from the Solar Flare Lounge and the other one across from the Burners and Builders gym.

In this location your character can catch goldfish, guppy, tetra, trout, koi, minnows, catfish, perch, bass, feeder, and angelfish. 


On the Tranquil Crescent residential lot, across the field where the bench is, you’ll see the fishing sign.

Magnolia Promenade

Walk across JF&S Clothiers to the dock.


Check out the Mid-Nowhere residential lot. Run down to the beach area behind you past the campfire logs and you’ll see a designated fishing area!

The next spot is Hare Square Park. Behind the park, run past the large sculpture and you’ll see the fishing spot.

Next to the entrance of the Discotheque Pan Europa Night Club, this one is more visible because you appear directly across from it!

Facing the Narwhal Arms Nightclub, walk behind the club, and slightly to the left you’ll see a slope. Go down the slope and you’ll find the fishing area.

Lastly, a fishing spot is located behind the Harbor Quarter Gym!

San Myshuno

Walk behind the Old Salt House where you’ll find a tight fishing spot. Don’t be afraid of the mice running around: it’s the city, you know!

Then at Myshuno Meadows, to the left of the entrance, you’re going to travel down the path behind the park: it will be located near the public bathroom.

Sims Fishing Spots 15
Myshuno Meadows

Brindleton Bay

To the right of the Salty Paws Saloon entrance, cross the bridge and you’ll see a fishing spot right away at the dock.

Behind Pupperstone Park to the right, follow the path down to the fishing location.

At Deadgrass Discoveries Museum, the fishing spot is located to the far right of the dock at the beach. This is a tricky spot because it’s a good distance away from the museum and is shrouded by a lot of greenery!

Finally, you can find another spot behind the Bedlington Boathouse residential lot on the beach.


You’ll have many opportunities to fish in Sulani! 

Check out the Key Point residential lot where you’ll be placed in an unoccupied open area.

You can also fish at Ohan’Ali Beach if the boat is located there! Simply get on and you should see the prompt to fish on the boat!

Sims Fishing Spots 10

At Sand Simoleon Beach, to the left, and across the bridge is a designated fishing spot.

Check out the Lagoon Look residential lot – to the far right there is a spot at the dock.

Then, don’t miss the spot at the Admiral’s Wreckage residential lot. It’s on the beach located diagonally from the empty home! Fortunately, this is another plainly visible one!


One spot in Britechester is located behind the class building and past the fountain. Climb down the stairs near the benches to fish on campus!

There is a spot at the University of Britechester behind Darby’s Den.

Another designated fishing spot is located near Pepper’s Pub: it’s to the right of the bench area next to the pub on the grass.

Evergreen Harbor

Sims Fishing Spots 11

At the Rockridge residential lot, walk across the street and you’ll see the fishing area behind the town’s community board.


At the Gnome’s Arms pub entrance, make a right and go past the well. The fishing spot is straight across from it!

Then at 3 Olde Mill Lane residential lot by Old New Henford, cross the bridge and then head to the large pond surrounded by two Weeping Willows.

Final thoughts on Sims fishing

You can see how much effort the developers put into Sims fishing by scattering many of these designated areas in both obvious and not-so-obvious places, and I believe it’s a way to encourage more exploration of the environments that have been created.

Even if you don’t get to all of the Sims fishing spots – and there are even more than I’ve covered here – you have more knowledge of where many of them are now.

So if you happen to be near one mentioned here or have a hunch of where one is based on how the others are scattered then go for it!

And here’s a small tip: There’s a best bait for everything. Some types of baits might give you better luck than others but it ultimately depends on what your trying to catch. Different baits work for different kinds of fish. For example, if you are trying to catch a medium fish, then you will need a frog or plant bait.

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