How to choose University Majors in The Sims 4

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Welcome to our guide on University Majors in The Sims 4!

Choosing one of the university majors in Sims 4 can be tough. There’re many things that you need to consider before making the decision of “Which university and major should I choose for my sim?”.

Degrees are an important part of your Sim’s future and there’s no arguing in that. But, you don’t have to stress so much! In this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about university majors in Sims 4!

The key thing now is that you have decided to enroll your sim in university! That’s great news!

As we have talked about in our guide on how universities work, a degree will make your sim’s life much better. But picking university majors in the Sims 4 can be a headache. So today we’re here to help you pick the degree your sim really needs!

Now let’s dive deep into the university degrees!

Sims 4 University Majors – Complete List

How Many Degrees Are in The Sims 4?

In Sims, 4 there are 13 university degrees or majors. These range from Art History, to Culinary Arts, Economics and History. Each university degree requires a different set of skills. For example, the Art History degree will require you to level up Charisma, Painting, and Writing, while the Biology degree Fitness, Gardening, and Logic.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are all the university majors in Sims 4 listed and explained!

Art History

If your sim is an artsy spirit, this degree is going to turn their life around. Its core skills are Charisma, Painting, and Writing, so be sure to keep them high! A degree in Art History will be useful for Painters (Patron of the Arts branch) and Critics (Arts Critic branch). Let’s not forget Style Influencers (Trend Setter branch)!


Biology might be a difficult subject, but we are sure that your sims are going to be just fine! Its core skills are Fitness, Gardening, and Logic. It will also benefit Athletes (Bodybuilder branch), Doctors, Gardeners (Botanist branch), and Conservationists (Marine Biologist branch)


If your sim has a gift with words, this degree will be child’s play for them. Its core skills are Charisma, Logic, and Writing. So, it will benefit sims in Business (Management branch) and Writers (Journalist branch). It will also help sims in Social Media (Public Relations branch).

Computer Science

This degree will do wonders for your sims that are really good with computers. Its core skills are Programming and Robotics. It will help Engineers (Computer Engineer branch) and Criminals (Oracle branch). It will also be good for Freelancers (Programmer branch) and Tech Gurus (Start-Up Entrepreneur branch).

Computer Science is personally one of my favorite university majors in Sims 4!

Culinary Arts

If your sims always loved pots and pans, this is the degree for them! Its core skill is obviously Cooking. It will benefit sims in Culinary (Chef branch) and Critics (Food Career branch).


Made with your drama queen sims in mind, this degree is perfect for entertainers. Its core skills are Charisma and Comedy. You’ll find that it is perfect for Entertainers (Comedian branch) and sims in Social Media (Internet Personality branch). Oh, and let’s not forget Actors as well!


If your sims are really good with numbers, they’ll love getting this degree. The skills that you’ll need are Charisma, Logic, and Research and Debate. This degree is perfect for sims both in Education (Administrator branch) and Business (Investor branch). Plus, it’s really good for Conservationists (Environmental Manager branch) too!

Fine arts

Ah, the fine arts! A degree reserved for the most unique sims. Its main skills are Painting, Photography, and Violin. This degree is among the most useful as it can help out Freelancers both in the Digital Artist and Photographer branches. It will also benefit Entertainers (Musician branch), Gardeners (Floral Designer branch), and Painters (Master of the Real branch)!


Here comes a degree we certainly didn’t expect to see in a Sims game! Its core skills are Charisma, Logic, and Research and Debate. This degree will help your sim get very high jobs in the Military (Officer branch) and Law (Judge branch). It can also be important for Politicians (Politician branch)!

Language and Literature

Just like with the previous degree, we didn’t expect to see this one either. The skills that you’ll need are Charisma, Writing, and Research and Debate. It can prove helpful both for Freelancers (Writer branch) and Writers (Author branch). But, don’t forget that it’s also good for sims in Law (Private Attorney branch).


Want a mad scientist sim? Now you can have them with this university major in the Sims 4! For this degree, your sim’s Handiness, Robotics, and Rocket Science skills are going to come in handy. It will benefit Engineers (Mechanical Engineer branch) and Astronauts (Space Ranger branch). Scientists too!


Does your sim love to read other sims? Then this degree will be perfect for them! The skills that they’ll need are Charisma, Logic, and Research and Debate. It will prove useful for sims both in Education (Professor branch) and the Military (Covert Operator). Let’s not forget that it can come in handy for Secret Agents (Diamond Agent) and Detectives!


If your sim was born to become the villain of the neighborhood, you better gift them this degree. They’ll need to be experts in Fitness, Logic, and Mischief. Once they get their degree they can become amazing Criminals (Boss branch) and Secret Agents (Villain branch). Astronauts (Interstellar smuggler branch) too!

Which Sims 4 Degree is the Best?

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to university majors in Sims 4. However, in my opinion, Computer Science is the best degree in Sims 4.

The reason is that it’s too damn fun playing with a geek Sim if you’re a geeky person too. Studying all about computers and engineering at university will be a delightful experience for you. You’ll get to work on your Robotics and Programming skills. And in the end, you can become a Tech Guru!

All in all, Computer Science is a blast!

Which University Majors should I pick for my sims in the Sims 4?

When you think about it, it all comes down to your sim’s personality. Here’s what I recommend you do here.

You should study what kind of person your sim really is. If they are more into the arts, you can focus on a more creative degree. Which one you’ll pick depends on which skills your sim is best at.

But, what we really want to say is that you don’t have to feel like your sim needs to do this. Besides, this expansion wasn’t always around! And expansions should be additions and not something you feel that you have to do.


Those are the key things you need to know about university majors in Sims 4. If you have trouble choosing one for your sim, just focus on their personality. And if you figure out who your sim is as a person, you’ll easily find the right match for them.

We hope that this guide is helpful for you.

You can also find some extra information about your sim’s university life here!

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