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Grab Your Designer’s Clothes from Dreaming Sims 4!

Have you ever dreamed of the world of glamour? Have you ever wished to dress your Sims in designer’s clothes and send them off to a red carpet? Are your Sims superstars? Well, Dreaming 4 Sims is the perfect place for you!

Dreaming 4 Sims is a mods and CC website that focuses on the luxurious. There are tons and tons of hairstyles, clothes, outfits, and jewelry, all stamped with a brand. You’ll spot gold and silver pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. Whole Prada and Gucci collections are at your disposal for download, as well as unique makeups and hairs straight from Hollywood!

Here we will take a look at some of the best features of this website and give you a clear overview of what to expect in-game. We were honestly surprised by how well some of these CC appear inside The Sims 4, so we highly recommend you to give Dreaming 4 Sims a chance!

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Dreaming 4 Sims: An Overview


When it comes to hairs, Dreaming 4 Sims breaks all boundaries. No matter if it’s just a rework or a completely new design, the hairstyles here are all unique and recognizable. The site offers a wide variety of every hair type, so no matter if it’s an afro or a slick look you’re going for, you can grab both here.

Some of our most downloaded hairs from here have been the lush ones. There are tons of these long and flowing hairs that we honestly adore, so if you’re anything like us, don’t hesitate to download them!

And while we’re at it, you should also check out the hair recolors. Truly fantastic work has been done here as well. Needless to say, all hairstyles come with included mesh too. 

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The outfits are a world of their own! Most of them are characterized by flashy colors and bold combinations that only movie stars sport. However, you can find gentle additions that will instantly win you over! Just take a look here!

The most beautiful dresses that we’ve seen at Dreaming 4 Sims are the ones meant for the grandest of nights. These luxurious gowns are breathtaking and go extremely well with every color complexion. 

And another category of clothes popular here is the working outfits. You will find many office suits, as well as skirts, sweaters, and shirts in wonderful combinations. Most of these outfits are meant for highly important and successful women. Check them here!


The accessories aren’t in shortage at Dreaming 4 Sims and we want to highlight them as well.

The bags, for example, are sorted into different categories of Arm bags, Hand bags, Overbody bags, Waist bags, and more. Each category has multiple designs and recolors, so no matter what you’re style is, you can find the perfect bag here! Click here to download them!

The same goes for earrings, necklaces, and hats. What we liked the most about the earrings is that they’re also glamorous, so they fit perfectly with the dresses mentioned above. The same thing goes for the necklaces, although there are multiple styles to choose from. And the hats are simply gorgeous, all from winter beanies to spring hats!

And the last thing we wanted to mention is cosmetics! Lip colors, blushes, eye shadows… you can get literally anything there. And you can be surprised by how detailed your looks can get once you apply those brushes!

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Obviously, we’ve covered only a part of the Dreaming 4 Sims world of clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. There are numerous more pieces that are worthy of your time, so we advise you to visit the site and give it a shot!

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