The Canning Skill Mod: Stop Jarring Up Those Talents!

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Really elevate your sims’ homesteading abilities with the newly created Canning Skill mod, brought to you by BrazenLotus.

Canning Skill Mod

Not counting age-specific options, there are currently 50* different skills available for your sims to master. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Many of them aren’t applicable to your average everyday sim however; we’re not all out here building rockets or DJing at the local club, for example. Skills that your regular ‘ol sims can master are always appreciated, though!

*across all current DLC packs

What is canning?

Canning Skill Goodies

Canning is the practice of taking foods and sealing them in sanitized cans, thus preserving the food for a longer shelf life. It’s highly beneficial in places where food availability varies with the seasons, and it’s also a great way to make foods last if you have an overabundance that can’t be consumed in a timely fashion. Some popular canned goods include pickled vegetables, homemade jams, soup stocks, or brined goods like olives or capers.

The most important aspect of canning is sanitation, which prevents bacteria and other unwelcome guests from making their home in your food. There are lots of ways to do this such as boiling, freezing, or drying the food. If not properly sanitized, folks can get sick from eating canned food. So as you can see, it’s a useful skill but one you must approach with great care!

All About The Canning Skill Mod

Sim With Can

The new canning skill has been released by modder BrazenLotus, a creator who focuses mostly on modded foods and other consumables. Let’s get into how it works.

Core Crafting Mod

The Canning Skill is designed to work with other creations by BrazenLotus, so you can use them seamlessly together. To use this skill or any of their other mods you will first need the Core Crafting mod which can be found here. Core Crafting adds several new objects and interactions to the game.

Core Crafting
  • Brazen Delivery Service – As the name would suggest this is a delivery service for ingredients as needed for any of Brazen’s recipes, which is accessible by phone or computer. There are multiple companies your sim can order from however not all are open every day. You can get things from the 24-Hour Grocer if you’re desperate, but the convenience comes with a higher cost.
  • The Brazen Homestead Craftbooks – A stack of books cloned from a Cool Kitchen Stuff object, these books give you access to Brazen’s various crafting mods all from one place.
  • New Recipes For Vanilla Objects – Craftable items from Brazen’s mods are accessible from the relevant objects, such as the Tea Brewer, Coffeemaker, and Fizzing Station.
  • Beginner Nectars – Level 1 Mixology recipes for Red and White Nectar is now available on bars which can be consumed directly or used in recipes.

Canning Foods

There are two versions of the Canning Skill mod depending on whether or not you have Cottage Living. With the Cottage Living version, the in-game canned foods from the EP will be integrated with the Canning Skill mod so you don’t need any special recipes to use it. If you don’t have Cottage Living and/or you want more options, there are 15 recipes currently available for use with the skill.


The mod also includes Canning Skill books, which your sim will have to look through to get started on the skill building journey. They can be purchased wherever your sim buys books.

Each time your sim does canning they’ll receive 6 jars of preserved goods and with the Cottage Living version of the mod, large harvestables will yield between 4-12 jars of goods depending on the initial ingredient’s size. These goods can be used in other recipes or eaten directly, in which case they will satisfy hunger. Condiments like caramel sauce will restore a smaller amount of hunger than full-fledged foods like tomato soup, giving it an extra layer of realism. Sims can increase the chances of a higher-quality product by sanitizing their counters first, which is a new interaction added with the mod.

Sell Canned Goods

No ingredients are required to complete a recipe unless you have the Simple Living Lot Trait, though the cost of said recipe goes down the more ingredients your sim already has on-hand. The canning skill has 5 levels, and the higher the skill the more recipes are available. When maxed out, your sims can sell their canned goods to the local food co-op for improved pricing!

Sealing It Up

With the new Canning Skill mod your sims can add another useful skill to their repertoire, while letting their grown produce last longer, taste better, and earn some extra simoleons! It takes a mechanic from Cottage Living and gives it its own skill set, while making it accessible to players who may not have the EP. Do you think you’ll use the mod for your homesteading sims? Let us know in the comments! Have fun, don’t forget to sanitize, and happy simming.

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