24 While 24: The Sims Checklist Challenge!

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There’s a new official challenge for The Sims 4, called 24 While 24: The Sims Checklist Challenge! Learn all about this challenge in this article.

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The Sims Has Just Turned 24 Years Old!

The Sims, our beloved franchise, has just turned 24 years old this February 4! That’s right. We Simmers have been gifted with more than two decades of entertainment and bliss while playing with life. And to celebrate their birthday, we’ve recently informed you that the Sims Merch Shop just restocked its items by including an exclusive pin plus other limited goodies. But to further make things more exciting, The Sims wants to involve everyone in their birthday, through the 24 While 24 Challenge!

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What is The 24 While 24 Sims Checklist Challenge?

This February 9, 2024, The Sims posted on their socials about a new birthday challenge, called The 24 While 24 Sims Checklist Challenge. The said challenge consists of 24 fun activities in The Sims 4, which your Sims must try to accomplish! On a closer look, the checklist is pretty much riddled with iconic Sims thingz, like drowning a Sim in the pool, starting a fire, or even befriending Grim Reaper. There are also hilarious entries in the list, like fighting the paparazzi or doing some dumpster WoHoo. All in all, the challenge looks super fun to complete in the game.

What is Included in The Sims Checklist Challenge?

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There are 24 challenges that your Sims must participate in, to complete the Sims Checklist Challenge. Of course, it is not necessary to finish every single feat, but the more that your Sims get to accomplish, the better! Here are all the included activities:

  1. Woohoo Don Lothario 
  2. Drown an enemy Sim in the pool 
  3. Start a Fire 
  4. Make 1000 Simoleons from a Side Hustle
  5. Eat the Cowplant’s cake (bonus: collect the essence of your discomfort)
  6. Befriend the Grim Reaper 
  7. Have Twins (or Triplets) 
  8. Unlock the Grilled Cheese Aspiration 
  9. Transform into an Occult Sim
  10. Breed a new species of frog 
  11. Take a selfie at the Forgotten Grotto 
  12. Raise a Sim from the Dead 
  13. Break into a Sim’s Home
  14. Shower in the Rain* 
  15. Woohoo Vladislaus aka Vladdy Daddy* 
  16. Bring Patchy the Straw Man to Life* 
  17. Dumpster Woohoo* 
  18. Lift the curse of the Night Wraith*
  19. Take a chance with Puffer Fish Nigiri* 
  20. Befriend an animal* 
  21. Toilet Paper one of the University Statues* 
  22. Fight the paparazzi* 
  23. Befriend the talking toilet* 
  24. Get to Sixam* 

Take note that in the first 13 activities, you only need to have the base game. However, in the latter part of the list (the ones with an asterisk), you would need to have other expansion and game packs to complete these activities.

Play The 24 While 24 Sims Checklist Challenge

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If you are participating in the 24 While 24 Sims Checklist Challenge, use the #TheSimsChecklistChallenge and #Snootysims when posting! In this way, you can check the progress of other Simmers who are also participating in the challenge. You can also join the official Sims Discord so you can discuss the said challenge with fellow Simmers.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Get in on The Sims’ celebration with an exclusive pin and other limited edition items in the Sims Shop!


Conclusion: More Birthdays to Come for The Sims

The Sims still have a long way to go before becoming a thing of the past. With endless updates and multiple kits and packs still being released for The Sims 4, as well as the exciting launch of The Sims 5 looming on the horizon, this beloved game franchise is surely far from being over. Yep. That means more birthdays to come! As ultimate Simmers, it’s quite nice to look back at how long The Sims had already been a part of our lives—and to feel that the game will still hold a place in our hearts for the years to come.

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