Poolside Splash Kit and Modern Luxe Kit : Two New Sims 4 Kits Making a Fashionable Sims-Statement This Season!

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August slipped away, and guess what? The Ber months have arrived, bringing with them an announcement from The Sims Team: not one, but two sensational new Sims 4 kits are on the way after a month of releasing The Sims 4 : Horse Ranch ! Get ready for double the excitement!

Poolside Splash Kit and Modern Luxe Kit : New Sims 4 Kits

Hello to the exciting new sims 4 Kits!

Guess what’s happening today? It’s the big moment we’ve all been waiting for – the grand unveiling of the fabulous The Sims 4 Kits: Modern Luxe and Poolside Splash! Come on, and let’s take a look at these new Sims 4 Kits we’re all talking about!

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When will the two Sims 4 Kits will be released?

These Kits will be up for grabs on September 7th for all, whether you’re playing on PC, Mac, Xbox, or PlayStation.

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