The Sims 4 Horse Ranch : Giddy up for an awesome gameplay!

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Have you seen the latest The Sims 4 Horse Ranch gameplay trailer or even our recent news about it!? Our hearts are neighing with anticipation as we eagerly count down the days until July 20th when we can finally hop on our trusty steeds and embark on the most epic adventure ever! Giddy up!


The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Gameplay

If you’re not still watching the trailer, you can watch it here!

Horse Ranch Gameplay Summary

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After a month of mountain of speculations about a picture of circulating around the Simmer’s world, our questions have been answered! With the first official trailer reveal happened last 2 weeks ago, June 23,2023 , another official trailer has been released.

Glimpse of Chestnut Ridge

As Sims and their horses embark on wonderful rides together, the fantastic environment of The Sims 4 Horse Ranch provides a variety of breathtaking landscapes that will leave both Sims and their loyal horses in awe.

All about Animals

Horses have different personalities and traits just like Sims and oh, horsies can get a little grumpy if someone new tries to ride them! Especially those feisty ones, they might get extra cranky. So, it’s super smart to choose a sweet, understanding horse to practice your riding skills on. They’ll be oh-so-patient and gentle with you!

Since Horses are now part of the family, like Cats &Dogs, you can also create stable for your Horses!

Screenshot 2023 07 07 091723

Foals can inherit their parents traits.

Horses need to be fed, played, brushed and trained in order for them to make them happy!

And yes, mini goats and sheep needs proper care also!


Chestnut Ridge is simply enchanting with its marvelous equestrian center! It’s the go-to place for all the local equestrian competitions that will make your heart gallop with joy. From thrilling barrel racing to graceful jumping, there’s no shortage of excitement! And guess what? Your delightful Sims can bring their beloved horses to this wondrous equestrian center for some serious training. They’ll polish their skills, prance around with elegance, and prepare for these fantastic competitions. Giddy up!

Now, let’s talk about the rewards. Winning these splendid equestrian competitions comes with a sprinkle of magic. You’ll earn exquisite decorative plaques that can adorn your walls like sparkling treasures.

Life at Chestnut Ridge

Screenshot 2023 07 07 091837

You can hire a Ranch Hand if you need help to take care of your ranch. The Ranch Hand will take care of your nectar crops, picking up manure and yes, they will also take good care of your animals.

Screenshot 2023 07 07 094725

You can check the Community Board to hire a Ranch Hand or even horses for sale or adaption.

Screenshot 2023 07 07 091905

You can have a successful business by just nectar making!

And voila! We adorable folks at SnootySims have spilled the beans on everything we’ve discovered about the fantastic new expansion pack zooming our way, The Sims 4: Horse Ranch. And don’t forget to snatch up that awesome expansion pack when it hits the shelves on July 20, 2023. As always, keep those Simmers happy and playing!