Horse Ranch Expansion Pack Trailer : Check out all the awesome sights that await you!

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Hey Simmers, have you watched the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack trailer ? There’s so much to see and things to unveil. And we cannot wait this coming July 20 for the release!!

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In this The Sims™ 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack, a world awaits where you can immerse yourself in the rustic beauty of a serene locale inspired by the great American West. Here, you have the freedom to curate your dream ranch life. Whether it’s a lively barn filled with adorable animal pals or a snug cabin tucked away in the wide-open prairie, every single moment is sure to capture the genuine and meaningful essence!

What’s Coming In The Sims 4 Horse Ranch?

Get ready, Simmers, because we’ve got a major announcement coming your way! Mark your calendars for July 20th, because that’s when the highly anticipated expansion pack, Horse Ranch Expansion Pack, drops!

Get ready for an awesome experience as players embark on a journey to raise, train, and forge unique connections with majestic Horses. Along the way, they’ll also have the chance to bond with adorable Mini Goats and Mini Sheep! Take the reins, ride into town, and immerse yourself in the charms of country living by learning from the friendly locals.

Explore The Brand new world of Chestnut Ridge!

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In the trailer we see that there’s gonna be a new wolrd coming in! And it’s screaming ” Wild Wild West, Baby! “.  The world of Chestnut Ridge consist of new areas called New Appaloosa, Rider’s Glen, The Ranches, Galloping Gulch, the national park area in the world. Don’t forget about Dreadhorse Caverns, where you can be adventurous and test your luck at exploring! You can trot

New Lots

A total of beautiful 12 lots were built by these amazing simmers @Ninnster00 , @Simproved, @ChrissieYT and @Doctor_Ashley, and we as we can see at the trailer, they all look soooo amazing!

Adorable Animals

We’ve got to see these cute animals on the trailer and yes, we can bond with them! Mini goats, mini sheeps, and ofcourse, horses! Look how adorable they are and according to The Sims Blog, animals have their own unique contribution to the ranch.

A lot of Sims and animal interactions are set like they can shear the sheep, milk the goats and invite locals for them to see!

New Community Lots and Event Types

A nice look of Stables where you can showcase your horse skills and Bar to keep up with your family and friends, as well as locals.

Horse Riding Event

You and your horse can win Simoleons, rewards such as plaques for your walls and metal signs you can display on your big Ranch Sign in a competition that culminate in the Ultimate Horse Championship!

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Ranch Gathering and Ranch Animal Day Events

Get ready to explore the fantastic world of Chestnut Ridge, complete with an amazing Equestrian Center. In this awesome new expansion, your Sims can immerse themselves in a variety of activities. Picture this: hosting or attending epic events, like having a super fun cookout or dancing the night away. And guess what? They can even engage with adorable animals!

All about Horses

With the new expansion pack, you can now create , breed and raise horses! Customized your adorable animal buddy in CAS, get new horses by rescuing, breeding or purchasing . And who wouldn’t want to witness foals to be born on your own ranch! It says from The Sims Blog that each Horse has its own personality, and the Foal can learn from you (your Sim as the Trainer) and from the family.

  • CAS for Horses
  • The Horses have four Skills :  Temperament, Agility, Jumping, and Endurance
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Work life, Ranch Life

Sims can fully immerse themselves in the exciting world of a working ranch and engage in various activities such as mucking a Horse Bed, lending a helping hand around the ranch, ensuring the happiness of the animals, the cleanliness of the ranch, even harvesting Prairie Grass. You can also hire a Ranch Hand if your hands are full with all of the duties and activities!

And of course, the comeback of Nectar-making! DIY Simmers, this is for you!

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What’s the Best part of this expansion pack?

According to Stacey Parshall Jensen, an awesome and talented sensitivity reader and a friend to The Sims Team,

“Indigenous people have always had a deep, spiritual relationship with horses,”

“They’re a symbol of power. They provide healing and represent freedom and bravery to our Indigenous culture.”

They collaborated and worked together to co-create food, home items, clothing that are in The Horse Ranch to represent the Native American culture. And one of the best news is that The Sims team is making a donation to Sacred Healing Circle! In case you didn’t know, Sacred Healing Circle is a remarkable organization founded and led by Indigenous individuals that is dedicated and works tirelessly to uphold traditional methodologies and practices, such as the Native American Horse Preservation and Research Program.

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More Information From EA’s Website

If you purchase the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack anytime from June 22 to August 31, you’ll have access to our Rockin’ Rancher Digital Content, where you can help your Sim relax after a day at the Ranch with a resonator guitar, wagon wheel art and rustic rocking chair.

Preorder The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack now to start playing immediately when it launches on July 20, 2023 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via EA app for Windows, Origin™, Steam® and Epic Games Store. The Sims 4 has officially launched on the Epic Games Store as well, another download destination for this Expansion Pack.
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Learn More By Watching The Official Reveal Trailer!