The Best Winter Clothes CC For The Sims 4

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The chilly season is here! Keep your Sims cozy and dress them in style with our handpicked winter clothes CC for the frosty season!

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The Cutest Winter Clothes For The Chilly Season

The launch of The Sims 4: Seasons brought the joy of holidays and seasonal changes to the game, and for many of us, winter is the standout season! As the snow falls and the temperature drops in The Sims 4, your Sims deserve to stay warm (unless you want them to die LOL) and look fabulous while doing so. With these winter clothes CC that we happily curated for you, you’re in for a variety of chic coats, stylish scarves, trendy sweaters, and other cold-season essentials that will keep your Sims snug while making a fashion statement. Check them all out below!

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Next Christmas Winter Clothes Set for Male and Female (Sweater/ Skirts/ Scarf) [ALPHA]

Next Christmas Winter Clothes Set

The Holiday Season is really all about style and comfort for our dear Sims. Thus, let them wear the threads from this Next Christmas collection! In this pack, you can dress them in Christmas Mufflers, Christmas Sweaters, and Christmas Skirts.

Click here to download!

Winter Outfit Collection (Jacket / Snow Boots / Leather Boots / Knee High Boots) [Alpha]

download winter collection part 1 jius sims

Let your Sims brave the snowy streets of winter or enjoy their cozy evenings with friends, with this collection from Jius-sims, called the “Winter Collection Part 1”. This stunning set includes a versatile short jacket in two versions, adorable bow snow boots, fashionable high-leg leather boots, edgy lace-up platform boots, and super cute platform knee-high boots!

Click here to download!

Feminine Winter Jacket & Turtleneck Dress [MM]

rimings feminine winter jacket turtleneck dress rimings

Keep your Sims cozy and chic with this Feminine Winter Jacket & Turtleneck Dress from creator RIMINGS! This is a new mesh dress in 20 swatches that features a feminine design and is perfect for the chilly winter months.

Click here to download!

Winter Collection – Mahe Wool Cap & Fur Gloves

winter collection mahe wool cap fur gloves blue craving

The winter is known to sometimes be super harsh, so protect your Sims from the elements with these Mahe Wool Cap and Fur Gloves, which will secure your Sim’s heads and hands throughout the cold winter months.

Click here to download!

Winter Jacket Collection [MM]

winter collection part 1 clothes jius sims

What is better than puffer jackets when it comes to keeping your Sims warm and snug in the winter? With the selection of puffer jackets in this Winter Collection, your Sims can enjoy vibrant colors of pufers suited to their tastes.

Click here to download!


winter cold jacket dorific

Take a look at this pack, which features more fashionable winter jackets for your Sims. The collection comes in 10 swatches which include famous designer prints!

Click here to download!

Night In Winter Clothes Set for Male and Female (Sweaters/ Skirts/ Belts/ Full Bodysuit/ Button Down Dress/ Pants) [MM]

Night In Winter Clothes Set for Male and Female

Click here to download!


Winter Clothes CC 1

When the biting winter winds hit the streets, don’t let the chill keep your Sims indoors! Help them survive the season with Marmerizing-sims’ KOOL Set, which features five dapper jackets and an incredible-looking skirt perfect for getting through the winter season!

Click here to download!

Two Puffer Jackets

Winter Clothes CC

Keep the winter chill at bay with these Two Puffer Jackets by Noobchan. As the name suggests, this collection features two pretty puffer jackets, perfect for keeping your Sims super comfy throughout the cold season. Plus, both puffers feature charming details!

Click here to download!

On The Snow Winter Clothes Set for Male (Turtleneck/ Vest/ Jacket/ Hoodie/ Sweatshirt/ Jersey/ Pants/ Jeans) [MM]

on the snow clothes set for male

This is On The Snow, the very first CC collection from creator Xiuminuwu. There are over 15 items of tops and bottoms and 4 accessory recolors in the said pack. It’s cool that all clothing texts are written in Simlish!

Click here to download!

Tera Online Winter Event Outfit Set for Female (Dress/ Shoes) [ALPHA]

Tera Online Winter Event Outfit Set for Female (Dress/ Shoes) [ALPHA]

This Castanic Dress and Castanic Shoes set from Learxfl is ideal for adding a pop of color and style to your female Sims’ wardrobes during the festive winter season! There are over 12 eye-catching swatches to choose from for both pieces.

Click here to download!

Simple Winter Coat for Female [ALPHA]

Simple Winter Coat for Female [ALPHA]

Oh, check out these elegant pieces of winter coats for your Sims! These stylish pieces are perfect for all those winter gatherings with friends and loved ones.

Click here to download!

Cozy Winter Fashion

cozy winter huien

Your Sim’s winter fashion should also be all about cozy add-ons that will keep them snug, such as the belts, socks, boots, and sweaters from this Cozy Winter pack from CC creator HuiEn!

Click here to download!

Winter Body Suit + Winter Scarf

winter body suit winter scarf dorific

Nothing says “winter chic” like a cozy bodysuit and scarf. This collection from Dorific features a variety of body suits in different colors and patterns, ensuring your Sims can stay warm and stylish throughout the season.

Click here to download!

– Polar winter dress –

polar winter dress babyetears

Even if it’s winter season, you should still dress up your Sims in cute dresses such as these Polar Winter Dresses from Babyetears! Your Sims can choose from over the 28 swatches available.

Click here to download!

Warm: A 5 item set.

warm a 5 item set caio

This 5-item set from Caio features winter coats, caps, and pants, that will help shield Sims from the cold. Everything is BGC in this set, too!

Click here to download!

Winter Sett

winter sett babyetears

Add these dainty threads to your Sims’ winter wardrobe to make them look extra adorable during the Holiday season! There are over 25 swatches for the skirt and another 24 for the vest.

Click here to download!

Female Winter Mushroom Inspired Collection (Sweater / Hat / Gloves)

winter goblin set miiko

The Winter Goblin Set is a fun BGC winter clothing collection that boasts Goblincore-inspired items, such as the Goblin Mushroom Hat, the Goblin Fingerless Gloves, and the Goblin Slouchy Sweater.

Click here to download!

Oversized Xoria Winter Jacket [MM]

xoria jacket madlen

Oversized jackets like this Xoria one from Madlen, are so in for the winter season. Jackets like these won’t just keep your Sims safe from the cold, but they will also serve as an awesome statement piece all season long!

Click here to download!

Sogue Winter Outfit Pack (Culottes Pants / Blizzard Dress / Knitted Sweater / Hairstyle) [MM]

sogue winter edition imvikai x greenllamas greenllamas

The Sogue Winter Edition is a collab between two popular CC creators, Imvikai and Greenllamas. The set features a wide variety of winter clothing, hairstyles, and accessories. All the items are high-quality and well-made!

Click here to download!

Beret Set For All Ages [MM]

beret set miiko

Your Sims of all ages will stay warm and in style this winter with this set of berets and hats from CC creator Miiko! The said set includes cozy berets in plaid & winter patterns, fruit berets, and a deer newsie cap.

Click here to download!

Winter Jacket CC Pack Collection [MM]

gerda winter cc pack clumsyalien

This Winter CC Pack is perfect for Sims who want to get into the festive spirit! There is a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and hairstyles, including 15 swatches of the Carrie and Dakota jackets, and 10 swatches of the Tara and Nora jeans.

Click here to download!

Lux Leather Winter Coat

3632 lux leather winter coat sailor24love sims

The Lux Leather Winter Coat is a trendy and warm coat for your male Sims. The piece is made from luxurious leather and comes in three styles: Town Toned, One Tone, and With Logo. The coat has 31 swatches to choose from and is available for Sims of all age groups!

Click here to download!

[Uh0htaj] Winter Accessories

2948 uh0htaj winter accessories uh0htaj

During the winter season, you gotta wrap your Sims in warmth with CC creator Uh0htaj’s multiple swatches of fluffy hats, lacey socks, and fluffy ear muffs. All these winter accessories look so adorable!

Click here to download!

Wrapping It Up: Stay Warm In The Sims 4!

So that’s it! Love the winter wonderland in The Sims 4 with our collection of the best winter clothes CC. Tell us about your Sims’ newfound winter style in the comments below, and don’t forget to connect with us on social media. We are on GoogleFacebookTwitter, YouTube,  Instagram, TikTokPinterest, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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