Grunge Revival and Book Nook: All the Features of These Exciting New Kits for The Sims 4!

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Get ready to have more fun in The Sims 4 as the game unveils not just one, but two exciting novel kits this June 2023. Yep! In this article, we’ll let you in on everything you need to know about the brand-new Grunge Revival and Book Nook kits. Read on!


Introducing the Grunge Revival and Book Nook Kits!

The Sims 4 have undoubtedly unpacked a lot of awesome stuff for us since 2023 started. At the beginning of the year, EA Games unveiled the thrilling addition of the Bathroom Clutter and Simtimates Collection kits into the game. Then, after successfully bringing to us The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack, the launch of the kits Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures followed right away just last May.

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Now, as the new month has begun, we are once again gifted with the arrival of two new kits, called the Grunge Revival and Book Nook kits! In their tweet last May 30, 2023, The Sims 4 officially announced the rollout of these said kits, which focus on grungy fashion and cozy spaces in the home. Read about these kits below, and discover all their features!

Take a Look at the Grunge Revival Kit!

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The Sims 4 stated that this kit will allow our Sims to “Dive headfirst into a realm of unfiltered self-expression that celebrates the unpolished, the imperfect, and the free-spirited.” From our perspective, this is all about giving our Sims the opportunity to become bold and take risks when it comes to expressing their style. Well, doesn’t that sound exciting? Here’s all that we know so far about the Grunge Revival kit!

1. Explore a Different Side of Your Sims

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The Grunge Revival kit unleashes a range of realistic clothing pieces focused on self-expression and freedom. Grungy fashion allows our Sims to embrace an edgier and rebellious style, helping them discover a braver side of themselves. It can be liberating for our Sims to explore this unconventional fashion trend, as it encourages them to break free from the societal norms of being a Sim!

2. Boost their Confidence with Fresh New Pieces

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What’s included in the Grunge Revival kit? Well, it is all about CAS items! New pieces of apparel, accessories, tattoos, and shoes are what’s waiting for our Sims. Thanks to Simmer @SimMattically on Twitter, we get a glimpse of the official items from the said kit. Oooh. We can’t stop looking at those key earrings, the neon nail polish, and the graphic hoodies and sweaters!

3. Celebrate Their Uniqueness with Other Sims

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With the Grunge Revival kit, our Sims can wear statement pieces that help them become their true selves! Donning the fearless fashion of grunge can help them become more youthful and open to other like-minded Sims. The new style can allow them to boldly venture into the streets and somehow create a sense of camaraderie and empowerment with each other.

Discover Everything About the Book Nook Kit!

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According to The Sims 4, the Book Nook kit will let our Sims, “Create the perfect spot to curl up surrounded by shelves filled with literary treasures after a long day or enjoy on a sunny afternoon.” From our impression, it looks like this kit will be all about hardcore relaxation—something our Sims need to break away from their busy lives. Below, we have listed all the features of the Book Nook kit!

1. Find Healing on a Warm and Cozy Corner

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The Book Nook Kit is every bookworm Sim’s dream, as the kit is all about comfortable spaces in the home! Creating a cozy space for Sims to relax and have time for themselves is essential. Why? because, after a long day’s work doing their Sim jobs, such a snug space can provide a sanctuary where Sims can unwind, and engage in self-care activities like reading!

2. Delight In The Calming Aura of Relaxing Objects


What can we expect from the Book Nook kit? Once again, Simmer @SimMatically helped unveil the official objects included in the Book Nook kit, allowing us to become totally excited over the pile of books, wooden bookshelves (take note: they’re stackable!), and comfy chairs that we see from the roster of stuff! Just staring at those snug sofas already lets us imagine our Sims curling up with a nice novel and a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows as they while their time away.

3. Get a Much-Needed Escape from the Bustling World Outside

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The Book Nook kit offers not just the marvels of some nice bookshelves and comfy sofas, it also promotes the priceless concept of a personal space for each and every Sim. Such a space allows Sims to find their solace, become mindful of their time, and experience a sense of calm amidst the demands of their Sim lives! What a dream, right?

Check Out Some Reactions of Simmers!

Here are some interesting reactions of Simmers when it comes to the rollout of both the Grunge Revival and Book Nook kits for The Sims 4. It seems that a lot of our peers cannot wait for the launch of these much-awaited additions to the game. How about you? Whether you find these kits exciting or not, you can also tweet your thoughts to let us know. Make sure to tag our official Twitter account @SnootysimsO to help us see what you have to say!

Final Thoughts

Well, just like you, we sure are excited about these highly-anticipated new kits! The Grunge Revival kit revolves around grungy fashion, empowering Sims to have self-confidence and outstanding fashion, while the Book Nook kit invites Sims to immerse in the art of creating cozy and comfortable spaces at home. In a way, both of these kits allow our Sims to tune in more about themselves, helping them to explore more courageous styles, or to seek much-needed personal comfort.

Head over to The Sims 4 store to order these kits. You can choose either of the kits or you can get both of them! Whichever you choose, we hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the exciting features of these kits and enjoy the incredible new stuff they will bring to your gameplay. Make sure to stay tuned in here at SnootySims, where we bring you the latest news and updates about all things The Sims. Happy simming, dear Simmers!