All-New Sims 4 Kits: Interesting Features of the Bathroom Clutter and Simtimates Collection Kits!

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Two new kits are being released this January for The Sims 4! So, in this article, we gathered everything we know so far about the Bathroom Clutter Kit and the Simtimates Collection Kit!

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The All-New Sims 4 Kits are Here

In their official tweet last January 17, 2023, The Sims announced that they will be releasing two new kits for The Sims 4. In case you’re wondering what Kits are, these are tiny add-on packs for the game that contain a handful of decorative and functional items and occasionally, even a few supplements to enhance gameplay. The Sims 4 kicked off Kits on March 2021 when it released the first ones, the Bust The Dust, Throwback, First Fits, and Country Kitchen Kits. At present, 17 Kits have already been launched for The Sims 4, with the latest ones being the Everyday Clutter Kit and the Pastel Pop Kit.

The Leak and The Reveal of the New Sims 4 Kits

In the second week of January, there have been talks about the leak of a new kit for The Sims 4, with a few simmers noticing an accidental image upload of the said new kit in the EA App. Redditor u/nekokitty200 and Twitter user @LudySimmer were both able to take screen captures of the image that the EA App released, moments before it was taken down.

But just a few days after, The Sims released a new teaser that indeed confirms the launch of not just one, but two new kits for The Sims 4! In the official 29-second teaser, the “two unique kits” were teased through the showcasing of what seems to be underwear and toothpaste icons. Along with these Sims 4 kits, the teaser also mentioned that a new update and an entire expansion pack are up for grabs for us simmers, very soon.

The Simtimates Collection Kit

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The official Sims Twitter account talks about the Simtimates Collection Kit as a collection that “will help any Sim look bold, flirty, & charming in the bedroom with lacey bodysuits, a variety of underwear styles & playful boxer prints.” Knowing how there is a lack of much-needed intimate apparel in the game, this collection will ultimately give us a plethora of new choices when it comes to delicately dressing our sims under all those layers of external clothing!

Items in The Simtimates Collection Kit


Thanks to the Twitter user and fellow simmer @SimMatically, we have been given a glimpse of what the Simtimates Collection kit offers. Although The Sims 4 have not officially revealed yet the items that are featured in the collection, we are guessing that there will be more than 20 new pieces of threads in the undergarment department. New lingerie, boxers, underpants, brassieres, and many other items are probably the main features of the said kit.

The Bathroom Clutter Kit


Next in line, we have the Bathroom Clutter Kit! The official Sims Twitter account talks about how, through this kit, we can now decorate the bathrooms of our sims in the best way possible, through the inclusion of a bunch of new lavatory items, “from grandma’s dentures to wall decor made for all ages“. Well, since we do consider how sacred the bathroom space is for the privacy and wellness of our sims, the add-ons offered by this kit will surely be a prominent improvement!

Items in The Bathroom Clutter Kit


Once again, we have to thank @SimMatically for letting us have a tiny peek at the unofficial list of new items for the Bathroom Clutter Kit. Although unconfirmed yet, we can already speculate that the collection would include special items such as toothbrush holders, tissue rolls, soap dispensers, hair dryers, and the like! We have yet to know whether these new items would enhance gameplay or would simply serve as decorations, once the kit has been officially released!

The reaction of Audiences to the New Sims 4 Kits

The Bathroom Clutter and Simtimates Collection Sims 4 Kits are set to be launched on January 19, 2023. Since the official teaser has been released, fans of The Sims 4 all around the globe have expressed varying reactions. A lot of simmers are gushing about their excitement for the said Sims 4 kits. Twitter user @catloverplayer says, “Both of these Kits are looking amazing. I can’t wait to download them,” while @SimsTias adds, “Ok I like both of these! Kits lately [have] been a slay.” Although a few players do not share the same enthusiasm for the kits’ launch, we here at SnootySims personally think that these two new kits are great stuff to look forward to!

New Patch Updates and Bug Fixes


The pleasure doesn’t end here. Apart from announcing the release of the latest Sims 4 kits, The Sims Direct Communication also tweeted last January 17, 2023, that a new update is now available for the game! In their most recent patch note, The Sims 4 stated that the reported bugs have been fixed in the game, including issues about the faces of toddler sims, the movements of sims while the game is paused, the disabling mechanism in the wants and fears of sims, and many others.

Final Thoughts: There’s More To Come

The Sims 4 Kits may provide us with just tiny new additions to the game, but they sure do offer impressive and well-crafted items for our sims. With this article, we hope that we were able to satisfy your curiosity regarding the soon-to-be-released Bathroom Clutter and Simtimates Collection Kits. Let’s all wait for the launch, along with other upcoming thrilling updates for the game! As detailed in the most recent roadmap of The Sims 4, we have so much to look forward to in the next days and months! So, keep updated on the latest news by consistently visiting SnootySims. And as usual, happy playing simmers!