Top 5 Detroit Became Human Mods & CC For Sims 4


Detroit Became Human and Sims 4

Detroit Became Human is an awesome video game title with exciting gameplay and great surprises. It’s a movie-like experience with the story being the major element of everything. There are great characters in there that are worth checking out. I’ve spoken to many Sims 4 players who’ve also enjoyed Detroit Became Human. And so, in this post, I’ll show you 5 awesome Detroit Became Human mods & CC for Sims 4!

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Top 5 Best Detroit Became Human Mods & CC for Sims 4

5. DBH Damaged Android Eyes

Even if you aren’t a die-hard fan of Detroit Became Human, you are still going to like these awesome android eyes. They’re done particularly well and they look amazing in-game. In terms of comparison, they look spot-on with the android eyes in Detroit Became Human.

Now, there are 2 different sets of android eyes in this pack. However, there are multiple recolors, mainly blue, purple, and orange. They’re created by Jane_runs_fast and you can find them on TheSimsResource. These android eyes aren’t the most popular CC pack on the internet, but they’re super cool if you’re a fan of DBH!

Here’s a direct link to download these Detroit Became Human android eyes!

4. RK800 Connor (Sim) by LadySpira

One character that stands out in the Detroit Became Human game is Connor. He’s a robot and Hank’s friend. He has a unique look and is an original character. And with this mod, you can have him in Sims 4 too.

This mod comes with a few different outfits for Connor. In every situation, Connor can have a specific outfit. He’s a great Sim to play around with in the game, so make sure to check this extension out.

You can download the RK800 Connor Sim mod from here.

3. Android Costume

If you’re a fan of the costumes in Detroit Became Human and want to have them in Sims 4 too, why don’t you start with this beautiful Android Costume? It’s a copy-paste outfit from DBH into TS4, with all of its key characteristics.

The android outfit is black and blue, composed of two parts – simple trousers and a shirt. The blue triangle logo is also featured on the front, the back, and the side of the shirt. Sadly, this particular costume is only available for female Sims, Teen to Elder.

If you want to check this android costume out, click this link!

2. AX400 (Kara) Uniform by LadySpira

Here we have another gorgeous android uniform by LadySpira. This one was published on ModTheSims back in 2018, but it still works today. The AX400 costume is a unique one, composed of long black and white shirt and white pants. Again, the blue triangle logo is present on the front, the back, and the side of the shirt.

So, if you like CyberLife then definitely put on this costume in-game!

Here you can download the AX400 uniform for Sims 4.

1. San Myshuno: Become Human (Detroit: Become Human Inspired Traits)

And finally, we have the best Detroit Became Human for Sims 4 – San Myshuno: Become Human. This is an interesting idea that mixes both games. It’s essentially a collection of Detroit Became Human traits that work particularly well in Sims 4 too.

For example, your Sim can now have the Pro-Android trait and love androids all around. However, you can also create Sims with the Anti-Android trait and they’ll hate androids in all forms and shapes. Some of the other traits are Housemade Android, PerfectChild Android, and WooHoo-Mate Android. All of them are investing and you should definitely check them out!

Those were the top 5 Detroit Became Human mods and CC for Sims 4! I hope you liked them!

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