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Learn All Spellcaster Cheats for The Sims 4!

If you want to quickly unlock everything about your Spellcaster Sim, then you’re going to need some cheats. Here we will talk about all the cheats you’re going to need in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic to get your Spellcaster as powerful as they can be. 

The game pack introduced many new and interesting things like spells, perks, and objects. However, to play with them all, you first need to unlock them. But this isn’t an easy task, since it takes much time to complete all the requirements. And what if you want to shortcut your way through Realm of Magic? Then you should totally use all the Spellcaster cheats in The Sims 4!

But to do that, you’ll first need to enable cheats in your game. If you hit the SHIFT + CTRL + C (cmd if you’re on a Mac) combo on your keyboard, the command console box will pop up. Here you’ll have to insert the testingcheats true line if you want any other cheat to work in your Sims 4. After doing that, proceed with the cheat you want to activate for your Spellcaster Sim.

If you need additional help with enabling cheats on your game, please check out this video!

The Spellcaster Cheats in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

The Spellcaster cheats are a part of the long list of cheats in The Sim 4: Realm of Magic game pack. And so, here you’ll find quick solutions for both minor and major problems that you might encounter while practicing your magic. Some of these cheats will give you quick access to your rank or a spell. And unlike the regular perk cheats, these are granted immediately.

But first of all, you’ll need to learn how to become a Spellcaster!

Cheats for Turning a Sim into a Spellcaster

These are two quick and straightforward cheats. With them, you can turn a normal Sim into a Spellcaster, and a Spellcaster into a normal Sim!

  • traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult – Turns your Sim into a Spellcaster.
  • traits.remove_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult – Turns your Spellcaster Sim into a normal Sim.

Cheats for Increasing Your Spellcaster’s Rank

Next are the cheats for increasing your Spellcaster’s rank. Each of these lines adds enough experience to your Sim to get them to the next rank. Even if you’re at 0! And as we mentioned, you’re granted the rank immediately!

  • stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 50 – Your Sim will become a Neophyte Spellcaster.
  • stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 350 – Your Sim will become an Acolyte Spellcaster.
  • stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 850 – Your Sim will become an Adept Spellcaster.
  • stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 1550 – Your Sim will become a Master Spellcaster.
  • stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 2350 – Your Sim will become a Virtuoso Spellcaster.
  • stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 2850 – Increases your rank bar to the max.

Cheats for Unlocking Your Magic Spells

Now let’s move onto the spells. Basically, the magic spells in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic go in three main categories. Practical spells, mischief spells, and untamed spells. And let’s start with the untamed ones!

Untamed Spells

As you might’ve guessed it, the untamed magic spells are the dangerous ones. They do quite a bit of damage to both the world, and the other Sims. Be careful about using them!

  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_1_Fire – Inferniate: set your target on fire.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_2_Lightning – Zipzap: hit your target with a lightning bolt.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_2_SummonGhost – Necrocall: summon a dead Sim.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_3_Freeze – Chillio: send a freezing wave to your target.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_3_MindControl – Minionize: mind control another Sim.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_4_Resurrect – Dedeathify: resurrect a Sim.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_4_RemoveCurse – Decursify: remove any curse from your Sim.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_5_CloneSelf – Duplicato: make an exact copy of your Sim.

Mischief Spells

The mischief magic spells might be seen like lesser versions of the untamed magic spells. But we don’t agree fully! And in our opinion, these serve completely different functions! First of all, they’re meant to create awkward situations between Sims, rather than injuring someone . And secondly, they’re funny! So learn all these cheats!

  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Mischief_1_Sadness – Despairio: make your Sim sad.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Mischief_1_Confuse – Deliriate: peer into another Sim’s head.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Mischief_2_Fight – Furio: make two Sims fight each other.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Mischief_2_Love – Infatuate: make two Sims fall in love with each other.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Mischief_3_Steal – Burgliate: steal an object.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Mischief_4_Transform – Morphiate: turn a Sim into a statue.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Mischief_5_ChangeAppearance – Strangeify: make a Sim repulsive to anyone around them.

Practical Spells

And practical spells are really just that – helpful tools for everyday use. You can fix things, moving things, clean things, and everything in between. So the cheats here are pretty handy as well.

  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_1_Repair – Repairio: fix any broken object.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_1_Clean – Scruberoo: make something clean.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_2_Food – Delicioso: create a tasty meal.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_2_Garden – Floralorial: have healthy plants.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_3_Teleport – Transportalate: teleport to another location.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_3_Duplicate – Copypasto: multiple objects.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_4_GrowPlant – Herbio: instantly grow healthy plants.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_4_Transport – Homewardial: return back to the Magic Realm.
  • spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_5_ConvertToWitch – Rite of Ascension: give the gift of magic to another Sim.

Cheats for Unlocking Your Spellcaster Perks

Moving onto the Spellcaster perks cheats, they’re categorized in four main groups: spellcasting perks, prowess perks, alchemy perks, and open perks. So let’s start with the first group.

Spellcasting Perks

These cheats revolve around making you a better Spellcaster. If you take the Master Caster perk, for example, you’ll see that it makes it significantly less likely for your Sim to fail a spell. This effect can be useful all around. But the same goes for all cheats listed here. 

  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_1_Discharge true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Discharge perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_2_PowerShunt true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Power Shunt perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_3_SpectralReach true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Spectral Reach perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_4_MasterCaster true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Master Caster perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_5_MasterDuelist true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Master Duelist perk.

Prowess Perks

The prowess perks are quite similar to the spellcasting perks. But where the spellcasting perks focused on just your spellcasting, the prowess perks improve you generally as a magic user.

  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_1_KnowledgeIsMagic true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Knoweldge is Magic perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_2_MoteHound true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Mote Hound perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_3_ChargeControl true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Charge Control perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_4_Hexproof true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Hexproof perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_5_MagicalResonance true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Magical Resonance perk.

Alchemy Perks

The alchemy perks, on the other hand, narrow it down to only your allchemy. Using the cheats here you’ll be faster and more successful alchemist in The Sims 4.

  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_1_BlenderArm true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Blender Arm perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_2_FrugalCombinations true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Frugal Combinations perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_3_ExtraChemistry true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Extra Chemistry perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_4_MixMaster true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Mix Master perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_5_PotentPotables true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Potent Potables perk.

Open Perks

And the open perks are just practical and useful effects all around. Magical Discounts, for example, give you significant discounts on all your magical purchases, which is pretty handy if you don’t want to spend all of your simolleons on magical materials.

  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3C_PracticedPracticality true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Practiced Practicality perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_1A_IncredibleForager true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Incredible Forager perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_2A_InsightfulEye true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Insightful Eye perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3A_MischiefMaster true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Mischief Master perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_4A_NaturalMentor true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Natural Mentor perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_1B_Experimenter true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Experimenter perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_2B_WitchSocialite true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Witch Socialite perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3B_TameTheUntameable true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Tame The Untameable perk.
  • bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_4B_MagicalDiscounts true 49153 {SimID} – Adds the Magical Discounts perk.

Cheats for Adding Bloodline Traits to a Spellcaster Sim

And lastly, we have the bloodline traits cheats. Basically, these traits determine the lineage of your Spellcaster Sim. Each cheat provides its own bonuses, like an inrease in experience gain, or a decreased chance of overloading.

  • traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineWeak – Adds a weak Bloodline Trait.
  • traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineStrong – Adds a strong Bloodline Trait.
  • traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineAncient – Adds an ancient Bloodline Trait.


As we mentioned earlier, the Spellcaster cheats are just one part of the whole. If you want to check all cheats for The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, our site is the place to do so! We promise you that there are tons of fun cheats to learn as well!

And if you need any further help about anything else in The Sims 4, please check out our cheat page. There you will find solutions to all of your problems! Good luck!

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