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On this page you will find the special interactions you get when a Sim is in a specific mood. There doesn’t seem to be any difference from being VERY emotional. Only Very Uncomfortable seems to be the exeption as a large amount of options are being grayed out with this emotion.
Not included are Trait specific emotions, like being Tense for being unemployed for Ambitious Sims.
As there are a large amount of sitiuations possible in the Sims 4, this page is not complete, but will be updated as new options are found.


How to become Options Socials
– Doing flirty socials
– Watching the Romance channel
– Drinking Steamy Ginseng tea
– Taking a steamy shower
– Reading a romance book
– Watching romantic art
– ‘Freshen up’/’Try on outfits’ in the mirror
– Fantasizing about wedding at wedding arch
– Can make a flirty painting
– Can take a Cold Shower
– Builds Romantic relationship faster
– Can make Flirty Heart cookies (cooking 3)
– Can ‘Practice pick up lines’ in the mirror
– Can ‘Flirt with Co-workers’ at work.
– Can write a Romance book at the computer
– Can do ‘Sexy pose’
– Can give ‘Passionate kiss’
– Can be ‘Enticing’
– Can ‘Tell dirty joke’
– Can ‘Gush about partner’
– Can ‘Ask about love life’
– Can ‘Give relationship advice’
– Can do a ‘Flirty introduction’ to newly met Sims
– Can ‘Seduce’


How to become Options Socials
– Using the telescope
– Drinking Pitch Black tea
– Study an Element
– Browsing Simpedia
– Playing chess
– Study a fossil
– Reading books
– Learns Logic, Handiness, Video gaming and Programming faster
– Can paint a mathemathical diagram
– Does better in Astronaut and Tech career
– Upgrades faster


How to become Options Socials
– Being close to an Angry painting
– Doing or recieving mean interactions
– When partner is cheating with other Sim
– Can ‘Blow off some steam’ on exercise equipment
– Can ‘Try to calm down’ on mirror
– Can do an angry poop
– No normal romance socials
– Can kick trashcan
– Builds all but one skills slower
– Faster mischief skill build
– Can do ‘Rage-fueled run’ on exersize machine
– Lowers job performance
– Objects used break faster
– Can make Angry Flaming Spaghetti (cooking 4)
– Can ‘Yell at co-workers’ at work
– Can ” Provoke’
– Can ‘Chew out’
– Can ‘Insult face’
– Can ‘Rant and rave’
– Can ‘Denounce friendship’
– Can ‘Try to flirt’
– Can do a ‘Frenzied kiss’
– Can make ‘Sarcastic compliment’


How to become Options Socials
– Caught cheating
– Cleaning
– Being close to fire
– Being on fire
– When other Sim tells he/she is a criminal mastermind
– Low Fun need
– When another Sim is playing bad on an instrument
– Slams fridge door closed
– Cannot paint
– Slower skill building
– Can ‘Vent’
– Can ‘Complain about problems’


How to become Options Socials
– Getting beat up
– Being electrocuted
– Drinking too much coffee
– Drinking too many beverages
– Crash landing a rocketship
– Slower work performance – Can do ‘Self deprecating joke’


How to become Options Socials
– Drinking Calming Chamomile tea
– Taking a thoughtful shower
– Browsing art on the computer
– Playing with clay
– Using the microscope
– Looking at art
– Postcard aura
– Listening to Jazz and Classical music
– Reading books about inspiration
– Faster Writing, Painting, Mixology, Cooking, Gourmet cooking and Musical skill building
– Does better in Cullinary, Writer and Entertainer career
– Create higher quality art and books
– Make higher quality food and drinks
– Can ‘Talk about dreams’
– Can ‘Describe new idea’
– Can ‘Serenade’


How to become Options Socials
– Caught partner cheating with other Sim
– Not celebrating a birthday
– Losing a job
– Seeing a loved one die
– Breaking up/divorce
– Low social
– First day of school
– Can call Sadness hotline
– Cannot do any funny socials
– Cannot do any normal Romance socials
– Can ‘Cry it out’ in bed
– Can paint sad painting
– Paints higher quality paintings
– Cries in their sleep
– Can kick trashpile and puddle
– Can ‘blog about feeling’ on the computer
– Can read obituaries on the computer
– Small loss of job performance
– Can ‘Mope around’ at work
– Can ‘Swim sadly’
– Can give ‘Gloomy compliment’
– Can ‘Try to flirt’
– Can ‘Complain about problems’
– Can ‘Ask for advice’


How to become Options Socials
– Extinguish fire
– Getting fitter
– Completing a painting
– Drinking Earl Grey tea
– Cooking
– Making a prank call
– Having a good day at work
– Promotion at work
– Can ‘Pee like a champion’
– Can paint a Confident painting
– Can ‘Admire self’ in mirror
– Faster friendship building
– Faster social skill building
– Small boost to career performance
– Can ‘Schmooz with boss’ at work
– Can ‘Tell unbelievable story’
– Can ‘Suave kiss’
– Can ‘Propose crazy scheme’
– Can ‘Show off muscles’
– Can do ‘Bold pick-up line’.


How to become Options Socials
– Walking into bathroom while it’s being used
– Rejected romantic socials
– Peeing pants
– Doing bad at school
– Bad woohoo
– Playing bad on a musical instrument
– Can ‘Hide from anyone’ in bed
– Can ‘Give yourself a peptalk’ in the mirror
– Cannot ‘Freshen up’ on the mirror.
– Can ‘Hide from co-workers’ at work
– Can ‘Ask for reassurance’
– Can ‘Share insecurities’
– Can do ‘Self deprecating joke’
– Can ‘apologize’


How to become Options Socials
– From high needs
– Getting a promotion
– Being in a nicely decorated room
– First kiss, first woohoo
– Drinking green tea
– Listening to music
– Use an upgraded toilet
– Playing a modded game
– Small boost to career performance
– Small boost to skill building
– Boosts several other emotions so they last longer
– Can give ‘Heartfelt compliment’
– Can ‘Brighten day’
– Can ‘Try to cheer up’


How to become Options Socials
– Low needs
– Dirty surroundings
– Becoming sore after exercizing
– Getting a pinched finger after upgrading something
– Eating spoiled food
N/A – Can ‘Complain about problems’

Very Uncomfortable

Same as above but with the following things he/she can NOT do:
Funny socials, jogging, use exercise machines, paint, use musical instruments, pondering move on chess table, write and program on the pc, practice speech and freshen up on the mirror, upgrade objects.


How to become Options Socials
– Taking a bubblebath
– MySims trophies aura
– Watching comedy channel
– Reading a Comedy book
– Can make a Playful painting
– Can Play in the bath
– Can ‘Make silly face’ in the mirror
– Can ‘Try to calm down’ in the mirror
– May autonomously play in garbage pile and puddle
– Can ‘Scour for Memes’ on the pc
– Can make Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes (cooking 3)
– Can ‘Flash crazy eyes’
– Can ‘Make flirtatious joke’
– Can ‘Impishly Pester’
– Can ‘Slap ’em Silly’


How to become Options Socials
– Crystals aura
– Using exercise equipment
– Taking a brisk shower
– Taking a nap
– Study exercise tips on the pc
– Drink Protein drink
– Drink Run Oolong tea
– Watching Action channel
– Reading an energize book
– Can ‘Take a speedy shower’
– Can do an ‘Energized jog’
– Can do an energized workout
– Builds Fitness skill faster
– Can ‘Clean with vigor’
– Can make a High Energy Protein Plate (cooking 2)
– Occasionally stretches
– Can swim energized laps
– Can ‘Give peptalk’
– Can ‘Enthuse about interests’
– Can ‘Hip Bump’


How to become Options Socials
– Recieving too many of the same socials in a row
– Low Fun need
– Listening to a bad joke
– Cannot write jokes on the computer
– Can kick trashcan
– Can ‘Complain about boredom’
– Can ‘Suggest fun activities’

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