Sims 4 – What is the Strangerville Curio Shop?

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Something’s going on in Strangerville. Does your sim have what it takes to find out? The locals need you to solve the Strangerville Mystery. You might need help from a friend. Visit the Curio Shop. Your one-stop Strangerville Shop.

The Sims 4 Curio ShopThe location of the sims 4 curio shop

Where is the Curio Shop?

The Curio Shop is a small stall in Strangerville between the trailer park and the crashed plane. It is run by Erwin Pries, the local strainer-wearing conspiracy theorist. You can buy many of the quest items that you need to progress through the Strangerville Mystery here as the story progresses. There are many items your sims can buy even if you’re not completing the storyline.

What Can You Buy there?

You can find an assortment of items at the Curio Shop. From posters to lava lamps to key cards and more, you can find many novelty items within the store. The Secret catalog contains items that are crucial to the quest and that you can unlock by entering the Secret Lab lot. Your sim can even dress like a Conspiracy Theorist and don a tinfoil hat!

The secret inventory contains the required items to make the hazmat suit to combat the spores within the Secret Lab

Who is Erwin Pries?

Erwin Pries is the Curio Shop owner. He is an unemployed young adult. His traits are erratic, paranoid, and geek. Erwin is a service type of sim therefore he does not have a household. He also has no career or skills due to him being the Curio Shop NPC. Erwin also has the aspiration of Renaissance Sim which matches his character of wanting to figure out the things going on in the world.

shop owener 1

What if the Curio Shop isn’t Working?

The Curio Shop is a crucial gameplay point. If the Curio Shop is ever not working for you we have a few things you can try.

Before you repair your game you should travel to another town and reload into a lot nearby. Sometimes the sims 4 has trouble registering new sims into a zone. Next, you can try to remove any mods you may have and delete your localthumbcache.package file. This file is located in your Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 folder. If you play with mods you should be familiar with that folder.

Finally, if the Curio Shop still does not work for you, you have to repair your game through Origin. Occasionally when new packs install files may install incorrectly. Repairing your game will have Origin sort through all of your files and get your game in working order.

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