The Sims 4 Unleashes an Exciting Game-Changing Patch Update! (December 05,2023)

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Brace yourselves Simmers, a game-changing patch update is currently sweeping through the dynamic landscapes of The Sims’ universe!

Snootysims Patch Update 12052023


To avoid losing your precious game progress in this new patch update, it’s a good idea to back up your files. Before you dive into that patch update, double-check to make sure all your mods and custom content are removed. We wouldn’t want you to accidentally lose your saved games, right? So, take a moment to safeguard your progress – it’s worth it!

SIMS 4 NEW PATCH UPDATE NOTES— December 05, 2023

Update 12/05/2023

PC: / Mac:

Console: 1.84

Sul Sul Simmers!

The newest expansion pack has been freely living in all our heads and For Rent is finally due! The Property Owner is coming to visit in just a few days, but in the meantime there’s a couple of Base Game additions and a bevy of fixes to call out and share. Our favorite SimGuruNova is going to go into details below. Thanks all!

–   SimGuruNinja

What’s New?

  • Sink Assignments

The jig is up for Sims who had a penchant for shoving Harvestfest turkey bones down the drains of those poor, poor bathroom sinks. Starting today, all sinks can now be designated as Kitchen or Bathroom sinks.

The assignment you choose determines whether hands or dishes are autonomously washed in them. Unless, of course, you live for the chaos and assign the wrong labels to each sink. We won’t stop you from letting your Sims continue to be little freaks!

  • Switch Control to This Household

Listen, as much as we love the Manage Worlds screen, every healthy relationship requires a bit of space. So, we’ve declared a bit of independence from Manage Worlds, giving you the chance to switch your active household from Live mode directly with the “Switch Control to This Household” interaction! While we added this as a means to switch between units of your Residential Rental more seamlessly, this interaction will be available on the front door of all occupied residences, not just Residential Rental units. Rejoice with me, my fellow rotational gameplay Simmers!

Sims introduces an option to switch control household
  • Base Game Additions That’ll Knock Your Shoes Off

In celebration of the release of For Rent, we have a few housewarming goodies coming to the Base Game. Along with a cozy new outfit that’ll have your Sims lounging in style, Sims can now interact with the Men’s Shoe Rack and Women’s Shoe Rack items from Base Game to set rules for the house determining whether or not shoes are removed at the door. Which means everyone will know whether or not your Sim is wearing socks under those sneakers (please, for my sanity, make sure they are!)

Sims introduces shoe on or off options

Bug Fixes

Base Game/Multipack

  • Quick Meal interactions on fridges have been renamed to “Quick Meal or Drink” and “Microwaved Quick Meal or Drink”. Gone are the days of “Glass of Milk” erasure!
  • Sims who finish their drinks while also eating will now make sure to finish their meal afterward. That’s right, Mrs. Landgraab, chugging your Juice on the Rocks doesn’t count as “girl dinner”.
  • Child Sims with the Genius trait will no longer gain the Want to Solve Hard Problems, They’ll have to wait a few years before diving into such complex abstraction.
  • Sims with a Fear of Fire will no longer be tormented by constant, unavoidable fires starting while they are cooking.
  • On a somewhat related note, Sims will no longer be given the option to Cook Together on broken stoves.
  • In an attempt to curtail unwarranted surreal horror gameplay, household members should no longer randomly be labeled as neighbors and become unable to use doors.
  • In the spirit of respecting the laws of physics, towels hung on the wall are no longer translucent when hit with natural light.
  • Though they are things of beauty, certain columns will now, indeed, fade away… when they would otherwise be blocking the camera in Live Mode.
  • Sims will no longer be constantly using their phones at every hour of the day. Not a cell phone in sight, just simulated people living in the moment. Beautiful.
  • Hairy houseguests deciding to shave in your Sim’s bathroom will no longer cause the game to freeze.
  • Sims should now actually be able to finish writing songs. Perhaps those of us with closets full of unfinished projects should take notes.
  • Child Sims will now only have age-appropriate thought bubbles.
  • After plenty of confidence building exercises, certain table lamps will no longer snap to the wall when placed and will be comfortable standing wherever you place them.
  • Infants who age up in a dirty diaper will no longer produce stink clouds as if forced to wear that dirty diaper into adulthood (Rest assured, I hated writing that just as much as you hated reading it).
  • Sims will thankfully no longer slip and fall in mud puddles while holding an infant.
  • Adjusted frequency of body hair on randomized Sims to be slightly less excessive.
  • Some of the less friendly toddler and infant hairs have been taught proper conflict resolution and will now play nicely with hats.
  • Sims living on Private Dwelling lots are now willing to make exceptions for food deliveries. Because everyone loves a good pizza, even territorial curmudgeons.
  • Basement stairs should now play nicely with terrain when the lot has a raised foundation.
  • Changing foundation height should no longer stop windows from being placed on curved walls.
  • Sims have learned what it means to be that guy and will no longer constantly ask “What Happened?” for no apparent reason during conversations.
  • Sims who would invite themselves over and make themselves a little too welcome have relearned their manners and should now knock.
  • Much to the disappointment of illusionists everywhere, glass walls over basements should no longer hide basement walls when viewed from above.
  • We’ve educated Sims on the dangers of over-caffeination, so autonomous coffee making/drinking should happen a bit less frequently.
  • Blonde gardeners and redhead pizza deliverers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, because parents with graying hair swatches are now more likely to have children that match their base hair color, rather than unexpected red or blonde hair.
  • When loading back into a save and entering Manage Worlds, there’s no longer a chance that occupied lots appear empty.
  • A previously unnamed PooHoo bush has now discovered its true name.


  • Hitting the Undo button on the controller no longer pulls up the search bar in Build Mode.


  • The nails from Poolside Splash are now tagged for both masculine and feminine frame Sims.
  • As fun as it was, Sims should no longer grow a second pair of feet when wearing the retro bikini from Poolside Splash.

Laundry Day

  • Hampers can now be dragged in and out of Sim inventories in Live Mode. The excuses for putting off laundry end here!
  • Dirty cloth diapers will now go into laundry hampers, where they belong, rather than the floor, where they do not belong.

Dream Home Decorator

  • The Standard Gas Oven by Blazin’ Ladles no longer disappears when placed on lots. May your ladles remain ever ablaze…

My Wedding Stories

  • Certain veils should no longer force Sims to have red hair (seriously, what is it with this update and red hair?)


  • Werewolves will no longer autonomously Check On infants during their rampage. And thank goodness for that.


  • Plants no longer revert to dirt piles in dormant phases, and instead will simply stop growing. They should also now only become dormant when entering their off seasons, at the appropriate time.

Get Famous

  • Sims who have chosen to forgo the spotlight will no longer gain unwanted fame.

Cottage Living

  • Sims will now retain the Heroic Haggler buff when buying discounted items at village shops after haggling. Let them enjoy their Karen moment!
  • Your Sims will no longer be doomed to a life of Sisyphean crafting endeavors. They should now be able to complete the task to create a Cross-Stitch for the Taste for Adventure errand.

High School Years

  • The pink swatch of the Benchmark Seating chair is no longer masquerading as blue in the preview.
  • Teens who get more than 250 Social Bunny followers should now be able to complete the third level Admired Icon aspiration.

Growing Together

  • Playing other households will no longer cause Sims to forget certain achieved Milestones. In other words, the game will neither gaslight nor gatekeep your girlboss Sims anymore.
  • We gave that creepy tree in San Sequoia a stern warning. It should no longer be encroaching upon the buildable area of the Sequoia Cottage lot.
  • Sims will no longer earn the First Promotion milestone when getting a new job, no matter how much your Sim is willing to be annoying and debate the semantics of that.
  • Toddlers should now be able to Sing a Song with infants without being interrupted.

Horse Ranch

  • Your adorable little money laundering scheme has yee’d its last haw! Sims will no longer receive double the stated number of Simoleons for selling mini goats and sheep.
  • Sims riding horses should now have an easier time saying howdy (and other things) to other horses nearby.
  • Sims will no longer be taunted by an unreachable log filled with frogs in Chestnut Ridge.
  • The era of heavy metal square dancing has waned. Sims will now only autonomously perform Cowpoke Dance if Ranch music is playing.

For Rent

  • Fixed an issue where rent could go into negatives or be excessively high.

The Sims Team

Simmers being Simmers

Let’s take a look of some Simmers who loves the latest updates!
Seems like an additional update was forgotten to include on the patch notes, thanks to @simsontherope for seeing this. ⬆️
Finally! There’s justice! Windows in City Living apartments are shaking left and right!
Ooh, some CAS items made it into the base game!
If you will not own or buy a kettle from For Rent pack, maybe this feature will make you a tea?

FINAL THOUGHTS with the new Patch Update

We all know that The Sims Team is preparing us for the highly anticipated and upcoming For Rent Expansion Pack. We Simmers are about to start a new chapter in our very own Sims’ world, one in which renting becomes a major theme. The Team is creating something to redefine the way we play and build and we can’t wait to step into the exciting realm they are preparing for us! I’m aware that many of us use mods in our games, so before we forget to mention it: if you do, please be patient while our incredible modders work to fix your mods. What are your thoughts with this big game-changing patch update?

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Happy simming, Simmers!

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