KiaraSims4: The Best Sims 4 Mods by This Prolific Creator!

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In this article, we are unpacking a treasure trove of incredible mods from KiaraSims4—a highly prolific and ultra-talented mod creator for The Sims 4 community! Check out all of the best works of KiaraSims4 that we featured below and install them in your game!

The Ultimate Sims 4 Mods from Prolific Creator KiaraSims4!

Introducing the Best Mods from KiaraSims4!

KiaraSims4 is one of the most active mod creators for the Sims community, providing us with a plethora of awesome TS4 mods since 2019. From her own words, KiaraSims4’s biggest motivation for being a mod creator is from “getting tired of requesting mods” from other creators as well! Thus, when The Sims 4 rolled around, KiaraSims4 decided to also delve into the craft.

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Aside from regularly posting on Patreon and the KiaraSims4 website, KiaraSims4 also provides high-level support through the KiaraSims4 Discord channel and even accepts mod requests from simmers! Plus, the works of this productive creator are also now published in The Sims 4’s CurseForge platform. Check out some of the best works of KiaraSims4 that we curated for you.

1. Social Interaction Packs Mod

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First off, we have the Social Interaction Pack! This mega bundle offers us with new interactions in the game to spice up the conversations of our sims! These interactions are perfect if you’re getting tired of using the usual ones. Now, you can greet sims a happy birthday, express your hate for WooHoo, talk about the news, and ask other sims why they cheat, among many others! You can download the interactions that you think are interesting or you can choose to get the entire pack!

Get the Social Interactions Packs here.

2. Fireplace Lover Trait Mod

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Some of the most awesome offerings in the list of mods from KiaraSims4 are the personality traits that she creatively came up with for our sims. This Fireplace Lover Trait for example, is certainly a great trait for your sims who love to warm up near the fire during the winter season! With this trait, your sims can acquire new buffs such as Light Fireplace, Warm Self, and Watch Fireplace Channel. As an added interaction with other sims, they can also discuss their love of fireplaces!

Warm your sim’s heart by getting the Fireplace Lover Trait here.

3. Royal Family Mod


This intricate mod allows you to have a royal family of Sims who are born to live their regal lives in the game! The mod lets you assign a king and queen who will rule the land. Along with the powers that their crowns bring, are other majestic obligations. Just keep in mind that for the Royal Mod to work in your game, there are pre-requisite mods that you have to install, which are all stated in the post. Plus, you also need to have the City Living, Get Famous, and Outdoor Retreat packs.

Let your royal sims rule with the Royal Family Mod available here.

4. Pool Party Event Mod


Let’s admit it. The Sims has come a long way in terms of perfecting its swimming pools, and with the recent tools available in The Sims 4, our game is now full of the most lusciously-designed pools! What better way to make use of these refreshing pools than by throwing an actual Pool Party Event for your sims, right? Now you can, with this mod! It allows your sims to enjoy poolside parties with other sims and gives them all new float loungers as rewards!

Throw the best Pool Party for your Sims with the Pool Party mod here.

5. Odd Jobs Mod


The introduction of odd jobs in The Sims 4 has made working much more versatile and exciting, allowing our sims to earn some cash through gigs and projects! These extra odd jobs released by KiaraSims4 give your sims new choices for earning simoleons—allowing them to become tutors, pool cleaners, pet walkers, clerical workers, massage therapists, and others. For these jobs to work though, you need to have The Sims 4: Island Living installed in your game.

Let sims apply to odd jobs through the mod here.

6. Hobby Traits Mod


Does your sim love a particular hobby or activity so much that it’s enough to be considered as one of their personality traits? If yes, then go and download this Hobby Traits Mod from KiaraSims4! This mod boasts of a hefty offering of new traits for the game, specifically related to the hobbies and activities that your sims do. Now, you can assign special traits to your sims such as Beach Lover, Bar Drinker, Party Planner, Master Baker, Hacker, and Mountaineer, among others!

Obtain the Hobby Traits here.

7. Get Together Event Mod

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Because we couldn’t get enough of more gatherings and event opportunities in The Sims 4, KiaraSims created this simple Get Together Event mod. With this, your main goal is to effortlessly make your sims socialize with each other for the next 4 hours. The reward for finishing the event is 50 to 100 simoleons. Not bad for such an easy-to-complete task! Plus, in spite of its name, this mod does not need the Get-Together expansion pack to work as it is base game compatible!

Plan fun get-togethers with this mod here.

8. No Promotion Mod


Another in-demand mod from KiaraSims4’s list is the No Promotion mod. If you’re weary of letting your sims climb the career ladder in their chosen field, you can help them have a one-level job instead. The No Promotion mod offers a wide array of one-level jobs such as an IT Project Manager, a Market Research Analyst, a Nursing Home Attendant, a Wildlife Biologist, and many other positions which are suitable for sims who’d love to focus on a particular task for a long while.

Let sims have one-level careers here.

9. University Level Jump Mod


Not really sure what to do with your sims who have painstakingly journeyed through the rigors of university life and received their academic degrees in flying colors? With the University Level Jump mod, another incredible mod from KiaraSims4, these degrees can be put to good use—as these will permit sims to jump higher into the career ladder once they apply for a job. The University Level Jump mod needs The Sims 4: Discover University to work in the game.

Access the mod here.

10. Event Planner Aspiration Mod


The Event Planner Aspiration is another quirky aspiration mod from the creative mind of KiaraSims4, which allows your sim to become a legendary event host! Completing this aspiration will give your sims the Perfect Host Trait along with 5000 simoleons. The said mod requires you to have the Event Planner Career and the Party Planner trait mods also installed in your game. Plus, the City Living, Get Famous, Seasons, and Get to Work game packs are also pre-requisites of the mod.

Let sims become an Event Planner through the mod available here.

11. Holiday Events Mod


Ever since the launch of The Sims 4: Seasons, we have been gifted with the awesome calendar tool in the game, which lets us fill the days and weeks of our sims with exciting events and gatherings galore! With the Holiday mod from KiaraSims4, the calendars of our sims will further be filled to the brim with an assortment of new holidays available, such as Christmas Eve, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Bash! Talk about a more hectic schedule for sims!

Throw different holiday parties for your sims with the Holiday Event mod here.

12. Star News Anchor Aspiration Mod


For number 12, we have the Star News Anchor Aspiration, which is probably one of our favorite aspirations created by KiaraSims4. If you want your sims to become famous icons in the limelight, but do not want them to be movie stars and the like, then let them become TV personalities in the name of current events instead! Yep. Your sims can become the ultimate news anchor with this mod, which will require them to work on their writing and charisma skills as they work their way to the top!

Let sims become the next Star News Anchor through the mod downloadable here.

13. Girly Girl Trait Mod

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This mod allows your sims to live the Girly Girl lifestyle, which features lots of new girly buffs, whims, and interactions! Discussing chick flicks and chatting about make-up, clothes, and shoes with other sims are just some of the new interactions. Plus, who says that only female sims can become girly girls, right? With this trait, anyone can become a girly girl, regardless of gender! Just remember that this mod requires the game packs Get Famous, Get Together, Spa Day, and the Vintage Glamour Stuff!

The Girly Girl Trait is available for download here.

14. karaoke Master Aspiration Mod


Is your sim a big fan of singing? Then let them belt out their best tunes and challenge them to complete the Karaoke Master aspiration! With this interesting mod from KiaraSims4, your sims can truly achieve their dreams by singing their way to the top. The aspiration lets them become Karaoke Beginners, Singers, Performers, and Stars! The new whims in the mod include singing karaoke duets and singing in the shower. 7,000 simoleons and a karaoke machine are the rewards for completing the aspiration.

Have your hands on the Karaoke Master Aspiration here.

15. Romance Interactions Mod

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We could never get enough of the love and relationship[ interactions available in The Sims 4. Luckily, KiaraSims4 created more romance interactions for us through this mod! Now, our sims can have more spice in their relationships by being able to discuss important things such as having a future together, having a baby, meeting parents, and even their WooHoo techniques! They can also show appreciation to their special ones by expressing their love to them through amorous hugs and saying “I love you”.

Download the Romantic Interactions mod here.

16. Pregnancy Books Mod


If you have sims who are going through their first pregnancies, what better way to help them than by equipping them with the right tools that they need to learn about the process they are going through? With the Pregnancy Books mod from KiaraSims4, your sims will become ready for motherhood in no time as they learn deeper about their soon-to-be babies! The mod includes books for the first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy. Take note that the Parenthood Game Pack is required for the mod to work.

Have sims read Pregnancy Books by availing them here.

17. Born Salesperson Trait Mod

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The Born Salesperson trait is another super cool trait mod from KiaraSims4. This trait will allow your sim to become the ultimate money maker, earning great cash from doing gigs such as selling paintings, publishing books, live streaming, programming, joining game tournaments, and performing comedy performances. They will also be able to give money-making advice and brag about being a money-maker to other sims. Plus, they’ll get a great buff by being on a retail lot that they’ve purchased for the business.

Acquire the Born Salesperson Trait Mod here.

18. File Tax Returns Mod


Since The Sims 4 is a simulation of our real, authentic lives, then surely our sims must learn how to be responsible for filing their taxes, too! With the File Tax Return mod from KiaraSims4, sims can now file their tax returns each time the Tax Day Holiday rolls around (you could easily set this in your sim’s calendar). The tax returns that your sims file would either be accepted or rejected by the Tax Office. For the mod to work, the Tax Day Tradition mod should be installed as well.

Now, help sims file their tax returns by downloading the mod here.

How to Download and Install KiaraSims4 Mods

Select your favorite mods from the list above. Then, follow the links stated in each item, which will redirect you to the website of KiaraSims4. Read the instructions stated in the description of each item, scroll through the bottom of the post, and click the download button. This will then let you enter a download page detailing the size of the item.

Download the files stated. If you get a ZIP file, unzip this until you are left with only the PACKAGE files. Then, place the files in your Mods folder, by following this path: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Remember not to put .package and TS4SCRIPT files too deep inside your folders. Lastly, please ensure that the use of mods and custom content is enabled in your game settings.

Final Thoughts

Browsing through the website of KiaraSims4 is a truly entertaining feat, as her page is filled with hundreds of the high-quality mods that she creatively produced through the years. With this list of the best mods from her website that we handpicked for you, we hoped that you would have an exciting time choosing the ones to install in your game. As always, happy playing, dear Simmers!

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