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Today is the first day to preorder The Sims 4 Lovestruck! Now that the game has been officially announced by EA, the full Lovestruck trailer has released. Let’s have a peek!

Lovestruck Trailer

About 2 weeks ago the first leaks for the Lovestruck EP came out and then last week we got even more information, giving us a pretty good idea of what the new DLC would entail. Now that players can preorder the EP though, we’ve finally gotten a full glimpse of what’s coming thanks to The Sims 4 Lovestruck trailer. While we’re still waiting for complete info on Buy/Build and CAS content, let’s dig into what we’ve gleaned from the trailer.

The Sims 4 Lovestruck Trailer

The trailer is just over 2 minutes long and gives us a sampling of many aspects of the upcoming content. It does get a little raunchy about halfway through though, so consider it slightly NSFW!

Coquettish CAS Content

image 13

Much of the clothing in the upcoming pack has a definite romantic flair. Plunging necklines, exposed skin, lingerie, florals and other flirty prints, not to mention lots of color. CAS looks pretty loaded with accessories that focus on hearts along with animals that have romantic connotations: butterflies like the kind you get in your stomach, bears as the stereotypical romantic gift in early relationships, and snakes which some might connect to betrayal. There’s also new tattoos that reflect everything from passion to heartbreak.

Beloved Buy/Build Mode

image 12

It seems that the main design style of the upcoming content comes in one of 3 categories. There are many pieces with a notable Hispanic theme, but we also see elements of animalistic lustiness along with some cutesy floral and heart pieces. Your sims sill be able to furnish their spaces to reflect what kind of lover they are.

Lovely Locations

image 14

Ciudad Enamorada appears to be a place that marries old-world styles and modern aesthetics. We can see a beautiful mosaic fountain and a stone sculpture that appears to be a favorite spot for sims to graffiti their declarations of love. On the other hand it looks like the city has a bustling modern downtown area and although the trailer doesn’t make it clear whether apartment buildings are part of the EP there is at least one penthouse space. It’s likely we’ll also get another large public park area with how lush the world looks, full of walking paths and plenty of spots to set up the Romantic Blanket for picnicking or a tryst.

Irresistible Interactions

Here are some of the new gameplay interactions and mechanics that were shown in the Lovestruck Trailer:

Cupid’s Corner App

image 8

We get our first look at Cupid’s Corner which seems to be a very helpful tool for finding dates. All the important information is right there at a glance (no needing to Get To Know a sim for hours to find out what they’re into) and the app will even point out to you when someone is a particularly good match.

We’re curious if new photo poses will be coming, as all the potential dates your sim is shown have very nicely composed profile pictures that definitely aren’t selfies. There’s also no shortage of personal photographs peppered throughout the Lovestruck trailer.

Sultry Smooches

image 11

There are some extremely passionate kisses that have been added to Lovestruck, sure to get the steam rising and blood pumping quickly!

New Woohoo Spots

image 9

Sims are seen getting hot & heavy throughout the Lovestruck trailer; we see one couple having a heavy make out session in what appears to be a utility closet, and sims can wrap themselves up in the Romantic Blanket to create a carnal cocoon that lets them have their fun away from prying eyes.

Kinky Costumes

image 15

The Adult Costume Box gives your sims a host of alluring outfits and daring dance moves to put their partner in the mood, with everything from flirty firefighters to dirty devils and even some freaky fruits!

Fatal Heartbreak

image 10

Unfortunately love does more than just hurt. If your sim suffers heartbreak too many times in too short of a period, they will keel over and die from a broken heart!

Prurient Preorder Prizes

image 16

If you purchase The Sims 4 Lovestruck by September 5, there are additional bonus items you’ll get:

  • Cry Me A River Eyeliner – A streaky, runny eyeliner meant to mimic the look of a made-up sim whose been crying due to heartbreak. This makeup item it also great for costumes, alternative looks, or storytelling purposes.
  • Herbert Heart Plushie – Herbert Heart is a cute little fella with a bandage on his upper left side. Depending on the facial expression he has, he can sympathize with your sims’ sadness or smile about their mended heartbreak. Sims can also use his grinning face as a reminder that they’ll eventually come out of those dark times with a smile!
  • Basic Breakup Double Bed – The perfect bed for the unfortunate sim that’s been dumped and tossed out like yesterday’s fruitcake. It features a bare mattress and disheveled duvet which sets the tone for a depressed sim quite well, but it’s also a great option for furnishing a space for Slob sims or those low on funds and down on their luck.

Where Can You Preorder The Sims 4 Lovestruck?

The new Expansion Pack will be available for preorder in the EA App, from the Home Screen of The Sims 4, or you can order it right now from the EA website; the Pack will launch on 25 July. It comes out in just over a month, and we can’t wait!

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