24+ Spectacular Simlish Phrases that Every Simmer Must Know!

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Sul sul simmers! It’s time to brush up on your Simlish! In this article, we collected 25 of the most interesting Simlish phrases in The Sims 4 that you should definitely be familiar with! Check out the list and have some gibberish fun!

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What is Simlish?

The creator of The Sims, Will Wright, developed a nonsensical language, also known as “Simlish“, to be able to prevent instances of repetitive dialogue and the recognition of familiar words in the game. Simlish is believed to be a harmonious blend of diverse languages, with some words and phrases hailing from linguistic experimentations using the Ukrainian, Tagalog, Romanian, and Navajo languages. However, most of the phrases in the make-believe language are actually composed of gibberish words. As the Sims games steadily expanded in the past years, more and more words and phrases have been added to the Simlish vocabulary.

The Coolest Simlish Phrases You Should Know

So, if you’ve played The Sims for a long time, you have undoubtedly encountered the following phrases countless times. But now, it’s time to stop guessing, and start learning what these gibberish words and phrases actually mean (or at least, what our sims associate these words to)! Now, when you hear these phrases while you’re playing, you’ll somehow start understanding your Sims better.

1. “Sul Sul!” – Hello!

SimsStefanCooke 1024x538 1

To start our list, we’ll begin with “Sul Sul”, which is most probably the most common Simlish phrase you’ve encountered. Each time our Sims meet a new neighbor and interact with them, they’d say “Sul Sul!”, and complete the phrase with a wave. Much less frequently, Sims would also use this phrase to say goodbye to other sims.

2. “Dag dag!” – Bye bye!

sims 4 eco lifestyle wave 1621441856

“Dag Dag” is another pretty common phrase that our Sims keep stating in the game. Much like “Sul Sul”, this phrase is automatically included in almost every conversation that our Sims have with other sims. It’s like a casual form of goodbye in the game, much like the words “bye-bye” in English. Sims also perform a wave while saying this phrase.

3. “Haspa!” -Fire! Or It’s hot!

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Okay, if there’s one thing you would not want to hear much in the game, it’s your Sims saying “Haspa!” Half of the time, they mean that there’s a fire in the lot that needs to be put out! Hence, when you hear this phrase, you better act quickly to be able to salvage the house of your sims! However, there are other instances wherein Sims say this phrase to simply express that they feel hot.

4. “Des Grobel.” – That’s yuck.

maxresdefault 3

Another phrase that doesn’t seem quite enticing to hear is “Des Grobel”. When your sims say these words, they are feeling disgusted by something. Perhaps, they cooked a batch of veggie stew, placed it in the kitchen, and forgot to clean it at all. When they discover how much time has passed since the dish has spoiled, they’ll say “Des Grobel!”.

5. “Fleeba Zoob!” – Happy New Year!

The Sims 4 New Year Patch Notes 2023

Fleeba Zoob! Since the introduction of The Sims 4: Seasons in the game, we can conveniently set events and holidays in the calendars of our Sims. One common favorite is the New Year’s Eve celebration, of course, wherein our Sims get to make their New Year’s resolutions and spend time with their friends watching fireworks in the sky. Along with experiencing the happy occasion, Sims would shout “Fleeba Zoob!”, which is equivalent to the famed Happy New Year greeting.

6. “Oh Neib.” – Oh no.

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You might also be hearing “Oh, Neib” multiple times when you’re playing The Sims 4. Our Sims express this Simlish phrase when they are surprised, scared, or alarmed by another Sim or by something in their surroundings. Think of Sims who experience ghastly hauntings at their home. You’d probably keep hearing them say “Oh Neib” a lot.

7. “Shpansa!” – Cheers!

Much like “Fleeba Zoob,” Sims are also in a festive vibe as they express this lively phrase. Whenever they cheer for something or when they toast with other Sims during an event, they’ll say “Shpansa!” It very much resembles, “Prost” in German, “Kanpai” in Japanese, and “Cheers” in English. They’ll also say this whenever they’re winning in a game they’re playing.

8. “Presu Fa Vu.” – Present for you.

Seasonsgiftgiving 1

What better words to hear than “Presu Fa Vu”, right? It’s almost like the companion of the sweet thought that someone remembered you. When your sims hear these words, it means that another sim is giving them a present. Whether it is for a birthday celebration, holiday, or merely an ordinary day, “Presu Fa Vu” is a precious phrase that sims use in the game.

9. “Neib Werefloof.” – No werewolf.


When werewolves have been introduced through The Sims 4: Werewolves, the game had been ridden with a handful of wolves hailing from Moonwood Mills. Of course, not every sim would be happy about the existence of these furry and ferocious occult sims. Thus, when encountering a werewolf, they might solidly express “Neib Werefloof!”, which means, “No werewolf!”

10. “Om za gleb!” – Oh my god!

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Ah, yes, we have the universal phrase “Oh my god”, which is spoken when one is happy, angry, sad, scared, and in love, you name it. Of course, we also have a Simlish phrase which is the counterpart of this super typical expression. It is “Om Za Gleb” for our Sims, and yep, they also state these words in a variety of instances and conversations every day.

11. “Ooh be gah!” – Very good!

teaching toddler values 1

The inclusion of The Sims 4: Parenthood game pack in our gameplay is definitely a big leap in providing more real-life situations in The Sims 4. With this pack, we are now able to let parent Sims educate their children about good and bad manners. If you hear a parent Sim say “Ooh Be Gah!” to their toddler children, it means that the latter did something “very good”, which is worthy of the former’s praise.

12. “Vanu marshma ma?” – Will you marry me?


For this entire list, this is probably the second most adorable and sweetest Simlish phrase ever (check number 25, it’s the most lovely Simlish phrase ever). When a sim goes on one knee and brings out that precious ring, they’ll say the words, “Vanu Marshma Ma?” as they look their significant other in the eye. This means that they are proposing marriage! Yep. They are ready to call the dating world quits and finally settle with the love of their life.

13. “Deileesh” – Delicious.

Our Sims often spend a considerable amount of their time cooking special meals for other sims. When a Sim calls the entire household to a meal, they’ll all sit down at the table and savor the special dish together and bask in the pleasant moment. Hearing the word “Deileesh” from one of your Sims signifies that the meal they are having tastes delicious for them! Well, we think we’d want to use “Deileesh” in real life too!

14. “No me velk?” – How are you?

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As we follow our Sims on a regular stroll through the neighborhood, you’d mostly hear them say the following Simlish phrase to the many Sims that they encounter and talk to: “No Me Velk?”. The phrase “No Me Velk” is the equivalent of asking “how are you?” to Sims. In conversations with Sims, the said phrase is the usual follow-up to the “Sul Sul” introductory greeting. However, you might hear them keep saying it randomly throughout discussions.

15. “Nooboo.” – Baby.

the sims 4 pregnancy

Okay, this is probably another pretty familiar word that you keep hearing in the game. Whenever our Sims say “Nooboo,” they are pertaining to a baby sim. They will say this word when they are interacting with an actual baby sim, or when they are referring to the baby bump of a pregnant Sim!

16. “Swaybul!” – Snow!

The Sims 4 Seasons Official Reveal Trailer 033

Imagine how much importance snow has in The Sims 4, that there is an actual Simlish word for it. When winter finally arrives in the game, our sims would start relishing themselves outside, building snowmen, and creating snow angels, all the while, happily expressing “Swaybul” to each other. Yep, “Swaybul” means snow in Simlish!

17. “Yibsy!” – Yey/Yeah!

ts4 sp34 official screens 02 001 4k.0

Another typical Simlish phrase or word we keep hearing in the game is the word “Yibsy!” Our sims often express this to signify their delight or their excitement about something. We encounter hearing “Yibsy” especially when child sims are playing with each other, or when older sims are partaking in a positive conversation with one another or doing something fun.

18. “Zaebeltooty!” – Celebrity!

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When The Sims 4: Get Famous have been introduced in the game, most of our sims have been filled with zeal as they finally get to encounter the dawn of celebrities in their seemingly mundane neighborhoods. Thus, our sims squeal with pleasure and say “Zaebeltooty!” to signify that they’ve seen a celebrity.

19. “Mordu, ganza…” – Dead, gone…

simlish phrases

For number 19, we have another phrase that we do not really prefer hearing in the game. “Mordu” and “Ganza” are two Simlish words that are associated with the death of Sims. The first one means dead, while the second one means gone. Sims usually say these words when faced with death–such as when a sim dies and the Grim Reaper is already at the door.

20. “Feebee lay.” – I’m hungry.


We have another Simlish phrase that surely rings a bell for you. “Feebee Lay” is one of the most popular Simlish phrases, since it has been introduced in much earlier Sims games. You have to reach fast for your Sim’s refrigerator when you hear this set of words because it means that your Sim is really hungry!

21. “Wutushu, yimsimsie.” – (respectful greeting)

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Well, for number 21, we have a Simlish phrase that has been introduced during the launch of The Sims 4: Snowy Escape in the game. If your sims greet another sim using a respectful introduction, you’ll hear them saying “Wutushu, Yimsimsie,” while performing a bow. Sims would also automatically use this phrase and bow combo if they have the Proper Trait.

22. “Mekchate.” – Checkmate.


We all know how much our Sims love playing chess. They could spend countless hours in the park just relishing in thinking about every move they make, while effortlessly building Logic skills on the side. Well, if you’ve ever noticed your sim saying “Mekchate” while playing the game, that means they have got the other sim in a checkmate situation. Not so hard to associate the word “Meckchate” with checkmate, right?

23. “Gedna snifa.” – Good smell.

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Luckily, there is an existing opposing phrase to “Das Grobel”. It is “Gedna Snifa”, which means, good smell. Our sims get to express these words when their olfactory senses appreciate a dish they cooked in the kitchen. They’ll look at the food, sniff out a whiff, and then delightfully say “Gedna Snifa!” Maybe we’ll start using this phrase in the food we eat, too.

24. “Ba harmy putarch? Glarch!” – (a joke)


Okay, this is probably our official favorite Simlish phrase ever. Just reading it makes us laugh out loud! “Ba harmy putarch? Glarch!” is another classic set of Simlish words that our Sims say in the game. They state this phrase whenever they are making a joke to another sim. A signature laugh from our sims then characterizes the end of the words.

25. “Por se gab lurv.” – I love you.

sims 4 high school years 7 1656605313

The most adorable and sweetest Simlish phrase is probably this one, at number 25. “Por Se Gab Lurv” is the equivalent of “I love you” in English. Our sims don’t just throw this around, because they reserve saying this for only their special someone/s. We hope you don’t swoon so hard the moment your Sim tells these words to their significant other!

Filler Simlish Phrases in The Sims 4

Oftentimes, our sims also speak words that mean absolutely nothing! Or, these words could mean everything to them—depending on the context of the conversations they have with fellow sims. Nonetheless, simmers have often encountered the following words and phrases which sims use as fillers for their day-to-day discussions. Just reading these words makes us hear them in our heads!

  • “Wibbs”
  • “Muchi pichi”
  • “Yabahorne”
  • “Awu venae”
  • “Yim bala”
  • “Deroi” and “Dorishi”

Final Thoughts: Now, You’re Familiar with Simlish Phrases!

There you have it! Yibsy! It’s fun to finally start recognizing the words you’ve been hearing each time you play The Sims 4. Now, you can even apply these phrases in real life, by infusing them in your everyday conversations with family and friends. We won’t judge you even if you throw around “Ba harmy putarch? Glarch!” while laughing at yourself. 😉

We disclosed even more interesting facts about Simlish in our detailed post here.

Happy playing simmers! Dag dag!

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