Add the Element of Surprise to your Relationships with 5 Different Autonomous Proposal Mods!

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Do you wish that your sims could advance their romantic relationships without your interference? Is it odd to you that nobody seems to get engaged or married unless you specifically make it happen? If so, these autonomous proposal mods are just what you’re looking for!

Autonomous Proposals
Autonomous Proposal Mods for the Sims 4!

Most folks play the Sims 4 with Free Will on, allowing sims to do things on their own accord. Generally sims will choose actions based on fulfillment of their needs, and life-changing events are reserved for off-screen as part of Neighborhood Stories. Depending on what options you have active, sims can choose to leave or start jobs, move, and expand their families with children and pets, however there’s a very important event that the game hasn’t allowed sims to do on their own: get engaged! It’s strange that sims can have or adopt children, but they cannot decide on their own to elevate their romantic relationships.

Autonomous Proposal Mods for the Sims 4

The lack of an autonomous option for getting engaged in the Sims 4 is definitely something players miss, as there are a number of mods available to remedy the issue. Here are the 5 best autonomous proposal mods we could find!

1. Autonomous Proposals! by PolarBearSims

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This is one of the oldest autonomous proposal mods around, originating all the way back in 2017. Sims can be autonomously asked to Go Steady, end bad relationships, and of course the point of the feature here: autonomously propose! Polar has added new features to the mod as time has passed, evolving it into a pretty handy mod to have if you want your sims to think for themselves more! Pick your favorite flavor here.

2. Autonomous Go Steady and Propose by Zero


Similar to PolarBear’s mod, this is a good alternative for players who have trouble getting that first mod working. Zero’s mod includes a few other nice features, such as Noncommittal and Unflirty sims being exempt from autonomously proposing, and a cheat code to prompt an NPC to propose. You can get the mod on Patreon.

3. Custom Nuptials by a.deep.indigo

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A robust mod that overhauls the entire idea of dating and relationships in the Sims 4, adding a whole variety of new activities and features such as expanded gameplay for those with My Wedding Stories, building registries and booking honeymoons, the inclusion of a Civil Partnership for committed sims who don’t want to get married, and the requirement that sims actually purchase an engagement ring in order to get engaged with ways of dropping hints along the way! From there, proposals may happen autonomously when the right conditions have been met. There’s so much more to the mod, so be sure to read up on all the details before you download it!

4. MC Command Center by Deaderpool

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The behemoth that is MC Command Center has so much to it, there’s no surprise that autonomous proposals are an available option to toggle on/off. You can download MC Command here, and then in game navigate to MC Command Center –> MC Tuner –> Change Interaction Autonomy to enable autonomy for proposals.

Check out this MCCC settings list from MentalNerd to make a more useful and dynamic “story progression” experience with MC Command Center, compared to what the vanilla game has to offer.

5. Suggest Getting Married Interaction by flauschtrud

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This mod is a touch different because it doesn’t affect your active/played sim and instead is designed to work with the Neighborhood Stories system. How it works is that your sim can suggest “Try Online Dating” to another sim and if successful, the target sim will eventually get engaged and married to another sim in the save! They will be moved in together so they can start building a family (if the options are enabled in Neighborhood Stories). The mod is smart and checks for things like Noncommittal traits, sexual orientation, and family ties when choosing the spouse sim and Family Oriented sims have more sway when performing the action!

It’s not entirely autonomous because the player has to prompt it to happen, but it’s much easier to nudge another sim to tie the knot this way instead of having to manually do it all yourself. And it’s great that this works with non-played sims so your active characters aren’t the only ones having this magical experience! You can download the mod on CurseForge.

Closing Thoughts

With spring coming to the northern hemisphere, wedding season isn’t too far away. Why shouldn’t our sims get to enjoy the same moments? Using one or two of these mods, your sims will be able to advance their lives in a significant way that’s just as impactful as having/adopting a child or moving into a new home, and compliments those other milestones quite nicely. There are options regardless of whether or not you have My Wedding Stories, so everybody gets to participate in the experience. May these mods bring your sims a lifetime of love and laughter, and you several hours of rewarding gameplay!

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