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Could you imagine our Sims 4 having awesome action and battles, the kind you’ve only seen in Marvel superhero movies? And on top of that, being able to choose whether you’d take part and become the world’s greatest superhero? Or the planet’s most mischievous supervillain? The excellent Armageddon Superhero mod gives us just that! It transforms the regular, dull world and turns it into a place where you can save other people’s lives, bring peace to everyone, or cause chaos and death everywhere you go!

You can download this mod directly from Sacrificial’s website, by following this link, or click here to get it from his Patreon. The mod can be installed by unzipping the file and moving it to the Mods folder. If you need help on installing mods, check out our instructive guide!

Armageddon Mod Features

With this mod, your Sims can become superheroes or supervillains that wield power and influence the world around them. All Sims, except for toddlers and children, can gain these superpowers. You can find the superhero/supervillain starting quest under the new pie menu called Armageddon. Once your Sim completes the ritual of seeking power, they will become one of the strongest, mightiest Sims that have ever existed! 

Becoming a Superhero

To become a superhero, you’ll need to complete the “Seek superpowers from the Thunderbolt Spirits” event. You can find it under the pie menu Armageddon > Superhero by clicking on your Sim. The event will start, and you will have to complete three quests, including saving other Sims’ lives. If you do everything correctly and earn a gold medal, a great light will appear, and your Sim will turn into a superhero. 

Becoming a Supervillain 

If you would rather watch the world burn, then you’ll need to “Seek Dark Powers from the Cursed Painting “Hell Flames”” first. Click on your Sim, then go to Armageddon > Supervillain. This will start the social event where you will have to prove you got what it takes by killing a few Sims. Once you get that Gold Medal in taking other people’s lives, you will earn the dark powers from the Hell Flames Spirits. Anything less than a gold medal will mean you have to re-do the event and won’t get you any powers.

Your sim will now have superpowers and can use them for good or bad. All of these can once again be found under the pie menu Armageddon. Some of the powers include: 

  • Choose the walking style: you can now float or run superhumanly fast.
  • Concoct food
  • Fill the Needs bar
  • Enable gaining fame by saving/killing Sims
  • Influence nearby Sims
  • Turn on/off the magic effects surrounding your Sim
  • Check the world’s corruption

The further you progress with your SuperSim, the more quests you’ll have access to. By completing them, you’ll grow in power and improve your Super Powers skill. If you’re feeling impatient, the option to max out the skill beforehand is also available! 

As we previously mentioned, with this mod comes a lot of action! There are different types of unique situations you can select from, and they all offer exciting combat scenarios, such as:

  • Helicopter Crash Situation
  • Deadly Insects Situation
  • Sim on Fire Situation
  • Serial Killer Situation
  • Cop Situation
  • Runaway Burglar Situation
  • Bootleg Heroes Situation, etc.

The most glorious battles happen when a hero and a villain happen to be near each other. Because of their opposite natures, they will always get into skirmishes, which offer one-of-a-kind visuals! The supervillains will increase the world’s corruption every time they win against a superhero or finish a quest. It’s the superhero’s job to mitigate the havoc and bring peace to everyone. Who will win in the end?


The Armageddon mod is fantastic because it makes the Sims 4 gameplay much more alive and active. We loved playing every second of it! The lighting effects alone are enough to try this mod, but also the way the modder has included each scenario for you to play in makes the game even more immersive and enjoyable.

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