2024 Summer Sale – Save Up To 60% On DLC!

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The 2024 Summer Sale ends on July 11—time to get that DLC you’ve been eyeing before it’s too late!

2024 Summer Sale

Recently we shared that The Sims Shop is having a summer sale, granting us a rare discount on merchandise items that aren’t often marked down. There are currently only 8 pieces left in the Sims Shop, so the sale is definitely working!

Merch isn’t the only thing that’s currently being discounted, though! There are a bunch of Expansion, Game, and Stuff packs that have been marked down as part of the 2024 Summer Sale, and even some Bundles, too.

2024 Summer Sale Details

If you’ve had your eye on a piece of DLC or just need an excuse to treat yourself to a little something new, now’s a great time to do it! Here are the deals from the 2024 Summer Sale.

Expansion Packs

The following Expansions are currently on sale. Many of the older EPs have been discounted up to 60% off, so now is the best time to get them!

Expansion PackSale Price ($USD)
For Rent$29.99
Horse Ranch$24.79
Growing Together$19.99
Cottage Living$19.99
High School Years $19.99
Snowy Escape$15.99
Eco Lifestyle$15.99
Island Living$15.99
Get Famous$15.99
Get To Work$15.99
Cats & Dogs$15.99
City Living$15.99
Discover University$15.99
Get Together$15.99

Game Packs

All Game Packs are currently discounted by 30%! If you like Occults or new worlds in particular, you’ll want to stock up on these deals.

Game PackSale Price ($USD)
My Wedding Stories$13.99
Dream Home Decorator$13.99
Journey To Batuu$13.99
Realm Of Magic$13.99
Jungle Adventure$13.99
Dine Out$13.99
Spa Day$13.99
Outdoor Retreat$13.99

Stuff Packs

Every single Stuff Pack is on sale for at least 20% off, with discounts increasing to 30% off for most older packs. Stuff Packs are a great way to bring new items or gameplay elements to The Sims 4 without spending a lot of simoleons!

Stuff PackSale Price ($USD)
Crystal Creations$7.99
Home Chef Hustle$7.99
Nifty Knitting$6.99
Tiny Living$6.99
My First Pet$6.99
Laundry Day$6.99
Bowling Night$6.99
Vintage Glamour$6.99
Kids Room$6.99
Romantic Garden$6.99
Movie Hangout$6.99
Cool Kitchen$6.99
Perfect Patio$6.99
Luxury Party$6.99


There are currently 4 themed Bundles available for The Sims 4 and they’re all on sale.

  • The “Get Dating” Bundle – $29.99USD (40% off)
    • Get Together Expansion Pack
    • Movie Hangout Stuff Pack
    • Bowling Night Stuff Pack
    • Simtimates Collection Kit
  • The “Decorator’s Dream” Bundle – $39.99USD (20% off)
    • Cottage Living Expansion Pack
    • Dream Home Decorator Game Pack
    • Tiny Living Stuff Pack
  • The “Everyday Sims” Bundle – $39.99USD (20% off)
    • Seasons Expansion Pack
    • Parenthood Game Pack
    • Laundry Day Stuff Pack
  • The “Pet Lovers” Bundle – $39.99USD (20% off)
    • Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack
    • Parenthood Game Pack
    • My First Pet Stuff Pack

If you want to get a lot of Sims 4 DLC for as little cost as possible Bundles are a great option, especially now that they’re marked down even more than usual.


If you’ve been itching to add new official content to The Sims 4 but have put it off for whatever reason, now is the time to make those purchases! The 2024 Summer Sale for both merchandise items and all DLC ends on 11 July, so be sure to grab these deals while you can. Is there an Expansion, Game, or Stuff Pack you’ve been wanting that’s finally on sale? Lets us know about it in the comments, enjoy your purchases, and happy simming!

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