Our First Summer 2024 SDX Drop Is Here!

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Happy summer, simmers! EA has kicked off their summer with our first 2024 SDX drop for the season!

2024 SDX Drop

Today is a big day! In addition to Blooming Rooms finally going free, EA has given us new goodies by way of a seasonal 2024 SDX drop. We know based on the Summer 2024 roadmap and upcoming Kit Leaks that there will be content focused on ocean/poolside fun this season, so it’s no surprise that this drop focuses around swimwear. Let’s take a look!

Summer 2024 SDX Drop – Swimsuit Edition

The latest SDX drop brings new swimwear and additional swatches to older base game models, for everybody aged Toddler and older.

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Masc framed Teen+ sims get 2 new pair of shorts and additional tank top colors so they can be coordinated or colorful if they want to cover up more.

image 12

Femme framed Teen+ sims received 7 new tops to use as swimwear and new swatches for an additional top, along with a new bottom and extra swatches for 3 other bottoms, bringing a myriad of new swimsuit combinations for bikinis, tankinis, and other 2-piece ensembles.

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image 17
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Children and Toddlers have access to a new pair of swim shorts and a coordinating tank top. Girls get an additional tank top in solid colors, and a one-piece swimsuit in the same options. I personally love the swimming gnome designs!

EA Forgot About Modest Sims

image 18

One area EA skipped over with their latest 2024 SDX drop was in full-body swimwear for more modest sims. While we do have 9 colorways available for the base game full-body swimsuit it would have been nice to see some of the new bright & colorful swatches or even some fun prints applied to this piece, or even a new full-body suit altogether.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s nothing earth-shattering, the first 2024 SDX drop of the summer is a great appetizer for players who are eager to greet the season with The Sims 4. As long as you don’t mind exposing a little skin, your sims will enjoy the additional colors and fun new patterns brought to their swimsuit selection with this update. Are you ready for the next drop? Do you think it will be the upcoming Kits, or something else? Let us know in the comments and keep it here for more Sims 4 news!

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