The Sims 3: Upgrading

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Note that each object can only have 1 upgrade at a time.

Handy skillObjectUpgradeFailure
3Cheap Dish WasherSilences dishwasherMakes louder noises
3DoorbellCan choose different soundsMakes awful sound
3StereoIncreases area of effectElectrocution
4SprinklerAuto waterNone
4StoveNever catches fireCatches fire and burns up
4Nectar Maker1 less bottle but raises valueNone
6Trash CompactorMore capacityElectrocution
6Tattoo machineNo more bad tattoosNone
6Windmill, Solar panelBetter efficiencyNone
6Fortune Cookie machineAlways positive resultsNone
6Washing machine‘fresh clothes’ moodlet lasts longerNone
6Styling stationCustomers are more satisfiedNone
6Hot tubBigger positive moodletNone
6FireplaceNever catch on fireNone
7Dart boardNever lose againNone
7FireplaceStarts when Sim enters roomCatches fire
7StoveImproves food qualityElectrocution
7TVAdds more channelsElectrocution
7MicrowaveFaster cookingElectrocution
7Nectar MakerProduces 2 extra bottles of nectarNone
8StereoMusic plays in all roomsElectrocution
8ComputerMakes games more funElectrocution
9Food ReplicatorCan store more mealsNone
9Nectar MakerIncreases the value of nectarNone
9FireplaceCan change color of fireNone
9TeleporterTeleporter never failsNone

Note: When your Sim is in the Firefighter career, you can also upgrade the fire alarm, the fire extinguisher and fire truck.


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