The Sims 3: Upgrading



Note that each object can only have 1 upgrade at a time.

Handy skill Object Upgrade Failure
3 Cheap Dish Washer Silences dishwasher Makes louder noises
3 Doorbell Can choose different sounds Makes awful sound
3 Stereo Increases area of effect Electrocution
4 Sprinkler Auto water None
4 Stove Never catches fire Catches fire and burns up
4 Nectar Maker 1 less bottle but raises value None
6 Trash Compactor More capacity Electrocution
6 Tattoo machine No more bad tattoos None
6 Windmill, Solar panel Better efficiency None
6 Fortune Cookie machine Always positive results None
6 Washing machine ‘fresh clothes’ moodlet lasts longer None
6 Styling station Customers are more satisfied None
6 Hot tub Bigger positive moodlet None
6 Fireplace Never catch on fire None
7 Dart board Never lose again None
7 Fireplace Starts when Sim enters room Catches fire
7 Stove Improves food quality Electrocution
7 TV Adds more channels Electrocution
7 Microwave Faster cooking Electrocution
7 Nectar Maker Produces 2 extra bottles of nectar None
8 Stereo Music plays in all rooms Electrocution
8 Computer Makes games more fun Electrocution
9 Food Replicator Can store more meals None
9 Nectar Maker Increases the value of nectar None
9 Fireplace Can change color of fire None
9 Teleporter Teleporter never fails None

Note: When your Sim is in the Firefighter career, you can also upgrade the fire alarm, the fire extinguisher and fire truck.

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