The Sims 3: Lifetime Wishes

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Lifetime Wishes

Below all Lifetime wishes. Completing this wish will grant your Sims with around 30.000 Lifetime points, to be spent on Lifetime Rewards.

IconLifetime WishRequirement
Become a Creature-Robot Cross BreederReach level 9 of Science career
Become a Superstar AthleteReach level 9 of Sport career
Become a Master ThiefReach level 10 of Criminal-Thief career
Become an AstronautReach level 10 of Army career
Celebrated Five-Star ChefReach level 10 of Culinary career
CEO of a Mega-CorporationReach level 10 of Business career
Chess LegendMax Logic skill, Max chess skill
Dynamic DNA ProfilerReach level 10 of Law-Forensic career
Gold DiggerSee the ghost of your rich widow
Golden Tongue, Golden FingersMax Charisma, Max Guitar skill
HeartbreakerBe a (girl)friend of 10 different Sims
Hit Movie ComposerReach level 10 of Music-Classic career
Illustrious AuthorMax Writing skill, Max Painting skill
International Super SpyReach level 10 of Law-Spy career
Jack of All TradesReach level 5 in four different careers
Leader of the Free WorldReach level 10 of Politics career
Living in the Lap of LuxuryGet a family capital of 100.000,-
Master of the ArtsMax Painting skill, Max Guitar skill
Perfect Mind, Perfect BodyMax Logic, Reach level 10 in Sport career
Presenting the Perfect Private AquariumGet 13 different kinds of perfect fish
Professional AuthorEarn 4.000 per week on royalties
Renaissance SimMax 3 different skills
Rock StarReach level 10 of Music-Rock career
Ruler of EvilReach level 10 of Criminal-Evil career
Star News AnchorReach level 10 of Journalism career
Super PopularGet 20 friends
Surrounded by FamilyRaise 5 babies to teens
Swimming in CashGet a family capital of 50.000,-
The Culinary LibrarianLearn all recipies
The Perfect GardenGrow 8 different kinds of perfect plants
The TinkererMax Tinkering skill, Max Logic
World Renowned SurgeonReach level 10 of Medical career


World Adventures

World Adventures
IconLifetime WishRequirement
Bottomless Nectar CellarHave a collection of at least 50 Nectar bottles worth §10,000
Great ExplorerExplore 6 tombs in each country
Martial Arts MasterMax Martial Arts skill and get Grand Master Rank
Physical PerfectionMax Martial Arts and Athletics skill
Private MuseumHave a relic collection of at least §20,000
Seasoned TravelerMax Visa level for all 3 countries
VisionaryMax painting and photography skill
World-Class GalleryHave a collection of photos of at least §25,000 and at least 10 photos from each country



IconLifetime WishRequirement
Descendant of da VinciMax painting, Sculpting and inventing skill
Fashion PhenomenonReach level 10 of Stylist career
Firefighter Super HeroSave 30 lives from fire on jobhours
Home Design HotshotEarn 100 top scores in the Architectural career
Monster MakerCreate 3 monsters
Paranormal ProfiteerReach level 10 of Ghosthunter career
Pervasive Private EyeSolve 35 cases
Possession is Nine Tenths of the LawSteal §50,000 in objects from other Sims


Late Night

Late Night
IconLifetime WishRequirement
Distinguished DirectorReach level 10 of Film-Directing career
Superstar ActorReach level 10 of Film-Acting career
One Sim BandMax Guitar, Bass, Drum and Piano skill
Master MixologistMax Mixology skill, own a bar
Lifestyle of the Rich and FamousMax celebrity level, own 100.000,-
Master RomancerWoohoo in 5 different places with 5 different Sims

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