The Sims 3: Fishing

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Fish Skill Location Bait
Minnow 0 Lakes Apple
Anchovy 0 Ocean Tomato
Goldfish 1 Lakes Lettuce
Alley Catfish 1 Lakes, Ocean Cheese
Jellyfish 2 Ocean Grapes
Rainbow Trout 2 Lakes Egg
Red Herring 3 Lakes, Ocean Hot Dogs
Tuna 3 Ocean Onion
Tragic Clownfish 4 Ocean Watermelon
Siamese Catfish 4 Lakes, Ocean Bell Pepper
Piranha 5 Lakes Minnow
Blowfish 5 Ocean Potato
Salmon 6 Lakes, Ocean Lime
Black Goldfish 6 Lakes Goldfish
Shark 7 Lakes, Ocean Red Herring
Swordfish 7 Ocean Anchovy
Angelfish 8 Lakes, Ocean Alleycat Fish
Vampire Fish 8 Graveyard Garlic
Robot Fish 9 Sciencelab Piranha
Lobster 9 Lakes, Ocean Tuna
Deathfish 10 Graveyard* Angelfish

*Can only be caught between 12 Am-5 Am

Expansion Fishing

World Adventures

World Adventures
Fish Skill Location Bait
Frog 0 France/Egypt Cherimola Blan Grapes
Doitsu Koi 0 China Pomelo
Kawarimono Koi 3 China Plum
Snails 3 France Renoit Grapes
Crocodile 4 Egypt Siamese Catfish
Ochiba Koi 5 China Pomelo
Crawfish 5 France Frog
Tancho Koi 7 China Plum
Mummy Fish 8 Egypt Pomegranate
Dragon Fish 9 China Tancho Koi


Late Night

Late Night
Fish Skill Location Bait
Sea Sludge 2 Lakes, Ocean Hot Dogs
Kissing Gourami 4 Lakes, Ocean Goldfish
Sewer Trilobite 6 Lakes, Ocean Minnow

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