The Sims 3: Creatures

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PicExpansionHow to becomeHow to cureDetails
Base gameDyingBy eating Ambrosia* Can scare Sims.
* Can possess certain objects around the house like furniture.
* Wonder and float around the lot.
* Moves through walls and objects.
* Can be made playable by getting an Opportunity to bring the remains to the Science building.
* Playable ghosts can marry and have ghost children.



PicExpansionHow to becomeHow to cureDetails
World AdventuresBy sleeping in the Cursed SarcophagusBy sleeping in the Blessed Sarcophagus* There are 2 types of mummies; NPC’s that can be found in Egypt or Sims can become one.
* They live longer than normal Sims.
* They cannot have children.
* Do not have Bladder and Energy Needs.
* Wins more often in a fight.
* They are immune to electricity.
* Move much slower than normal Sims.
* Are afraid of fire.



PicExpansionHow to becomeHow to cureDetails
AmbitionsN/A (Can be invented or using a Lifetime Reward)N/A* They don’t have a Hygiene Need.
* Prefers scrap for food.
* Can talk to household object to fill their Social Need.
* Can smash objects to turn it into scrap.
* Can’t have children.
* They are afraid of water.
* They are immune to fire and electricity.



PicExpansionHow to becomeHow to cureDetails
Late NightBeing bitten by other VampireBy going to the Science building for a cure.* They live longer then normal Sims.
* Have Thirst instead of Hunger and must drink Plasma or from Sims.
* They can’t bite children and pregnant Sims.
* Have a higher mood and raises skills faster at night.
* Can read minds of other Sims.
* They can run much faster.
* Thirst will drop fast when they are in the daylight.
* Gets sick from eating garlic.


Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend
PicExpansionHow to becomeHow to cureDetails
GenerationsN/A (Receive it as a doll in the mail)N/A (But can be turned real with a potion or opportunity)* Becomes an imaginary friend when the child has a good relationship with the doll.
* Only the owner of the doll can see the imaginary friend.
* Toddler must interact a lot with the doll in order for it to grow up with him/her else it remains a doll
* Can order the imaginary friend to clean up the house.
* Can be turned into a real Sim using a potion from the chemistry table.



PicExpansionHow to becomeHow to cureDetails
PetsN/A (can take one by befriending several wild animals)N/A* You can find one when you’re hidden wildlife skill is 6.
* Can be found between 8pm and 5am when there’s an aurora in the sky.
* Their needs drop slower then normal horses.
* They can bless and curse Sims, other animals and plantlife.
* They can ignite and extinguish fires.
* They can cure pets from fleas and the mummy curse.

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