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Pic Expansion How to become How to cure Details
Base game Dying By eating Ambrosia * Can scare Sims.
* Can possess certain objects around the house like furniture.
* Wonder and float around the lot.
* Moves through walls and objects.
* Can be made playable by getting an Opportunity to bring the remains to the Science building.
* Playable ghosts can marry and have ghost children.



Pic Expansion How to become How to cure Details
World Adventures By sleeping in the Cursed Sarcophagus By sleeping in the Blessed Sarcophagus * There are 2 types of mummies; NPC’s that can be found in Egypt or Sims can become one.
* They live longer than normal Sims.
* They cannot have children.
* Do not have Bladder and Energy Needs.
* Wins more often in a fight.
* They are immune to electricity.
* Move much slower than normal Sims.
* Are afraid of fire.



Pic Expansion How to become How to cure Details
Ambitions N/A (Can be invented or using a Lifetime Reward) N/A * They don’t have a Hygiene Need.
* Prefers scrap for food.
* Can talk to household object to fill their Social Need.
* Can smash objects to turn it into scrap.
* Can’t have children.
* They are afraid of water.
* They are immune to fire and electricity.



Pic Expansion How to become How to cure Details
Late Night Being bitten by other Vampire By going to the Science building for a cure. * They live longer then normal Sims.
* Have Thirst instead of Hunger and must drink Plasma or from Sims.
* They can’t bite children and pregnant Sims.
* Have a higher mood and raises skills faster at night.
* Can read minds of other Sims.
* They can run much faster.
* Thirst will drop fast when they are in the daylight.
* Gets sick from eating garlic.


Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend
Pic Expansion How to become How to cure Details
Generations N/A (Receive it as a doll in the mail) N/A (But can be turned real with a potion or opportunity) * Becomes an imaginary friend when the child has a good relationship with the doll.
* Only the owner of the doll can see the imaginary friend.
* Toddler must interact a lot with the doll in order for it to grow up with him/her else it remains a doll
* Can order the imaginary friend to clean up the house.
* Can be turned into a real Sim using a potion from the chemistry table.



Pic Expansion How to become How to cure Details
Pets N/A (can take one by befriending several wild animals) N/A * You can find one when you’re hidden wildlife skill is 6.
* Can be found between 8pm and 5am when there’s an aurora in the sky.
* Their needs drop slower then normal horses.
* They can bless and curse Sims, other animals and plantlife.
* They can ignite and extinguish fires.
* They can cure pets from fleas and the mummy curse.

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