The Sims 2: Zodiac

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Pic Zodiac sign Attracted to Repelled by
Aries Gemini/Taurus Cancer/Libra
Taurus Aries/Libra Virgo/Cancer
Gemini Pisces/Virgo Capricorn/Aries
Cancer Taurus/Scorpio Gemini/Aries
Leo Sagittarius/Cancer Capricorn/Gemini
Virgo Aquarius/Sagittarius Leo/Taurus
Libra Virgo/Cancer Pisces/Scorpio
Scorpio Pisces/Leo Libra/Aquarius
Sagittarius Pisces/Capricorn Libra/Scorpio
Capricorn Aquarius/Taurus Leo/Gemini
Aquarius Capricorn/Sagittarius Scorpio/Virgo
Pisces Scorpio/Gemini Leo/Aries

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