The Sims 2: Zodiac

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Author: Nicolas
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Pic Zodiac sign Attracted to Repelled by
zodiac08 Aries Gemini/Taurus Cancer/Libra
zodiac09 Taurus Aries/Libra Virgo/Cancer
zodiac10 Gemini Pisces/Virgo Capricorn/Aries
zodiac11 Cancer Taurus/Scorpio Gemini/Aries
zodiac12 Leo Sagittarius/Cancer Capricorn/Gemini
zodiac01 Virgo Aquarius/Sagittarius Leo/Taurus
zodiac03 Libra Virgo/Cancer Pisces/Scorpio
zodiac04 Scorpio Pisces/Leo Libra/Aquarius
zodiac05 Sagittarius Pisces/Capricorn Libra/Scorpio
zodiac06 Capricorn Aquarius/Taurus Leo/Gemini
zodiac02 Aquarius Capricorn/Sagittarius Scorpio/Virgo
zodiac07 Pisces Scorpio/Gemini Leo/Aries

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Hi there! I’m Nicolas, your fellow Simmer who also happens to be the force simmering behind SNOOTYSIMS. I can’t believe it has been nearly 20 years since I created the very first Sims fan site. Time just flies by, doesn’t it? I’ve always loved writing about the Sims games and being part of its community has never ceased to be my personal thrill. Should you like to know more, connect with me on Instagram / DM me on Instagram with any questions or ideas you have.

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