The Sims 2: Deaths

ways to die How Ghostcolor
Old age When a sim reaches the end of his life White
Drowning When a swimming sim’s energy is -100 Blue
Electrocution Can occor when a sim repairs an electrical object/plays with evil kite Yellow
Burning When a sim stands too close to a fire Red
Starvation When hunger reaches -100. Kids and below can’t starve Transparent
Satellite When a satellite falls on a sim while stargazing or Watch Cloud Orange
Flies In a very messy room, all flies may form a deadly killer swarm Purple
Scared When 3 needs drop below -90 because of a ghost Scare Pink
Disease If a fatal disease isn’t treated for 10 days Green
Cowplant When the sim is eaten by the cowplant Light Green
Burn as Vampire When all needs (except social and room) drop to -100 because of sunlight Transparent
Elevator When elevator breaks down while having low needs. More chance at breaking down when doing woohoo in elevator Transparent
Rally Forth After doing the Rally Forth social when needs are very low White with megaphone
Hail When at least 4 needs drop below 50% while standing in hailstorm Dark pink


Fatal diseases
Name disease How to get the disease
Flu Up to 5% chance if near roaches
Pneumonia If a cold is not treated. 1% chance for a cold when sim leaves for work/school
Food poisoning A 5% chance when sim eats spoiled food
Virus Mishandling of virus created with Biotech station

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