The Sims 2: The Genie

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The lamp will be brought to you by the gypsy and can only be used 3 times after which it will vanish. 14 days after that, you again have the chance to recieve another lamp.

WishResultAdditional info
WealthYou recieve a sack of ยง10.000,–For several days after this wish, there’s a higher chance of a burglar visit.
Piece of mindPlatinum aspiration for the rest of their lifeN/A
Cheat deathSim can plead for his own life and the first time, it will always be successfulThe chance of succes after that, drops with 10% each time. Dying from old age only delays death for another day
Long life3 Days added to current life stageN/A
BeautySim gets maximum chemistry from all Sims of prefered gender for 4 daysAlso increases the amount of walk-by visitors of prefered gender
ResurrectCan resurrect a deceased Sim (if tombstone/urn is in the Nhood).There’s a chance that the resurrected Sim is a zombie

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