The Sims 2: The Genie

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The lamp will be brought to you by the gypsy and can only be used 3 times after which it will vanish. 14 days after that, you again have the chance to recieve another lamp.

Wish Result Additional info
Wealth You recieve a sack of ยง10.000,– For several days after this wish, there’s a higher chance of a burglar visit.
Piece of mind Platinum aspiration for the rest of their life N/A
Cheat death Sim can plead for his own life and the first time, it will always be successful The chance of succes after that, drops with 10% each time. Dying from old age only delays death for another day
Long life 3 Days added to current life stage N/A
Beauty Sim gets maximum chemistry from all Sims of prefered gender for 4 days Also increases the amount of walk-by visitors of prefered gender
Resurrect Can resurrect a deceased Sim (if tombstone/urn is in the Nhood). There’s a chance that the resurrected Sim is a zombie

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Hi there! I’m Nicolas, your fellow Simmer who also happens to be the force simmering behind SNOOTYSIMS. I can’t believe it has been nearly 20 years since I created the very first Sims fan site. Time just flies by, doesn’t it? I’ve always loved writing about the Sims games and being part of its community has never ceased to be my personal thrill.

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