The Sims 2: Talent Badges

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There are more talent badges then the ones below. Stocking, Cash register and Cosmetology, however these only increases your speed or succes rate and don’t give any new options.


Name Cost Badge Purpose Malfunction
Toy Robot §108,– N/A Can be played with by all Sims aged toddler and up Will scare toddlers, children and Shy Sims
HydroBot §320,– Bronze Travel around your lot searching for things to spray water on (fire/flowers) Will spray water throughout the lot
CleanBot §560,– Bronze Travels around the house looking for piles of garbage, puddles, etc. Will throw trash piles everywhere
SentryBot §720,– Silver Shoot stun rays at burglars trying to enter your lot. Also reacts to Sims who steal your newspaper, kick over trashcan, etc. Will treat random Sims on the lot like they are a burglar
MunchieBot §1.200,– Silver Will leave the lot when a household Sim is hungry and returns with pizza, etc. You still have to pay for the food Will bring back spoiled food which you have to pay for
Servo §3.000,– Gold Once activated he/she will show up as a playable, selectable Sim but with many different qualities Runs around crazy and showering sparks that can electrocute, or even kill nearby Sims


Name Cost Badge Description Evil version
Sir Bricks-a-Lot §32,– N/A Sims will love to pet and nurture it N/A
Fire trucks §45,– Bronze Sims love swishing it through the air while it�s light flashes N/A
Clown-in-a-box §75,– Bronze Sims all ages love to turn the crank and will laugh when the innocent clown pops out Scares your Sim when it pops out. Sim will get a bad memory and some needs will drop
Kites §60,– Silver If the wind is good, sims will trow it up into the air an enjoy flying it as high as possible Kite will be struck by lightning and the sim will be electrocuted
Twirl, Spin and Wobble! §260,– Silver Toddlers and kids love to spin around on this machine N/A
Water Wigglers §400,– Gold A mixture of an octopus and a sprinkler that sims love to jump around in Will produce puddles on your Sim’s lawn


Name Cost Badge
Daisy bouquets §36,– N/A
§47,– Bronze
Tulip Bouquets §61,– Bronze
Mixed Flower Bouquets §68,– Silver
Rose Bouquets §96,– Silver
Snapdragon Bouquet §240,– Gold


Badge Description
N/A Can use basic sell technique. Will increase salesbar a little bit, if you fail, it will lower a little bit
Bronze Can offer the items “cheap” just this once. Will increase salesbar a little bit, if you fail, it will lower a little bit.
Silver Can hard sell. Will increase salesbar medium, if you fail, the decrease is medium
Gold Can dazzle the customer. Has a very large increase, if you fail however, the sale bar is gone

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