The Sims 2: BV Collectables


Item Value Room score Where to find
Dog bone §55 N/A Ground
Map to secret lot §400 3 Ground
A random small item Various Various Ground
A water main N/A Goes down Ground
Skippy the stone §25,- 1 Ground
Rocky the rock §50,- 1 Ground
Greta the granite §75,- 1 Ground
Treasure chest §5.000 10 Ground
Gold Doubloom §550 10 Pirate ship
Captain’s log §675 10 Pirate ship
Treasure map §2.500 10 Pirate ship
Shells §430 N/A Beach
Jewelry N/A N/A Beach
Ancient Dragon Legend scroll §518,- 3 Far East secret lot

Souvenir Shelve

Souvenir Shelve
Items Result
5 seashells Slower bladder decay
5 mountain souvenirs Non-romance socials are more effective
5 Far East souvenirs Faster skill building
5 beach souvenirs Romantic socials work better
5 Voodoo dolls Sims imagine they’re being attacked by bees