The Sims 2: Juices

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Apple juice3 applesFaster homework
Beauty Coctail2 oranges, 2 cucumberLove potion
Eggplant juice2 eggplantsRandom skill point
Lemonade6 lemonsCools sims down
Orange jucie6 orangesCures colds
Orangeaid4 oranges, 2 lemonsRandom Badge points
Pepper Punch2 peppers, 1 pole bean, 1 appleEnergy boost
Pureed boot1 bootSims freak out
Strawberry juice3 strawberriesClears furious a bit
Strawberry lemonade2 lemons, 2 strawberriesPlatinum mood
Tomato juice6 tomatoesWarms up sims
Vegetable cocktail1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 pepper, 1 polebeanBuild skills faster

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