The Sims 2: Reward Objects

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Aspirationscore Gold or higher: Success
Aspirationscore lower then Gold: 50% chance of Failure

Money tree3.000UnlimitedIf watered regularly, §40,- per harvest§1,- per harvest
Noodlesoother5.00024 hoursMood is boosted with 50 points, but Needs decay fasterSim’s energy drops to -100 and passes out
ReNuYuSenso Orb6.2505Sim may change aspiration and turn off’s/on’sSim ends up with Grilled Cheese aspiration
The Weathernaught 57x7.0005Sim may change season, lenghten the current season and change the weatherYou get a meteor shower
Smart Milk7.5005Toddler learns walking/potty train/talking fasterToddler spits up and loses random skill point (based on adult aspiration score)
Cool Shades10.0005Social interaction has amplified affectNone
Kibble of Life12.0005Pet becomes 3 days youngerNone
Enigmatic Energizer14.0005750 points randomly added to all needs750 points randomly subtracted from all needs
Thinking Cap16.00024 hoursSkill building rate doubledSim’s energy drops to -100 and passes out. Also loses random skill point
SimVac17.5005Can transfer Aspiration- Skillpoints from other sim to Selected sim. Some relationship reductionPoints of selected sim go to other sim. Big drop in needs and relationship
Love Tub20.0004 hoursAcceptance requirements are lowered and outcomes are increasedNone
Counterfeiting Machine27.750UnlimitedEarns money until interaction is cancelled. Small chance of fire or police giving §2.000 fineNone
Elixer of Life30.5805Sim becomes 3 days youngerSim becomes 3 days older

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