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Service NPC’s

Service NPC’s
Name of NPC Base fee Per hour Service
Maid §5,- §10,- Cleans all messes in the house
Repair(wo)man §10,- §50,- Repairs all broken objects on the lot
Gardener §5,- §10,- Waters flowers, pull weeds, trims shrubs
Exterminator §10,- §50,- Sprays all roaches on the lot
Gypsy match maker N/A N/A Can match a sim who fits best to selected sim. Also sells anti-Vampire- and love potions
Nanny §10,- §15,- Feeds and changes babies and toddlers
Bartender §10,- §15,- Makes and serves drinks from a bar

Autonomous NPC’s

Autonomous NPC’s
Name of NPC Description
Burglar Comes to sims homes on random nights to take valuable objects
Police Arrest burglar, breaks up parties, brings back teens who snuck out
Firefighters Puts out all fires
Delivery people Delivers pizza, Chinese food or groceries
Mail carier Delivers bills and loveletters
Newspaper delivery Brings Newspaper at 7 AM
Townies Appear as walkbys in front of houses and on community lots
Sales people Sells goods on community lots
Headmaster Can be invited and needs to be impressed to get teens into private school
Barista Mans the Espresso bar in community lots
Bartender Serves drinks in community lots
Cafeteria worker Serves food in community lots
Coach Shows up in college lots and lectures unfit sims
Cheerleader Shows up in college lots and occasionally flirts and perform the ‘School cheer social’
Mascot Same as Cheerleader but now in Llama suit
Evil mascot Visits college towns and do bad things like setting of sprinklers, put soap in fountains, do pranks, etc.
Professors Can be invited and befriended and can help with your grades (By either extra tutoring or Woohoo)
Streaker Occasionally visits college towns and ‘streaks’ (runs around naked)
Server Takes order and serves food in restaurants
Host Before dining, needs to be asked to be seated. Also to pay the bill to after dining. Better relationship with host means a lower bill
DJ Works on the DJ booth in downtown
Grand vampire Appears at night in Downtown community lots at random
Diva/Mr. Big Very rich Sims, but are very outgoing and unfriendly
The Slob Very poor Sims and are lazy and sloppy
Reporter Comes to rate your business

Non social NPC’s

Non social NPC’s
Name of NPC Appears when What they do
Grim reaper When a sim dies Change dead sim in urn. May plead to
Repo man When red bills are not paid in 4 days Goes into the house to suck up objects
Social worker When babies, toddlers, children are neglected Removes them from the lot
Drivers On carpool/school times or when called Picks up sims
Sim shrink When sim is in a disturbed state Performs therapy to return sim to normal functionality
Restaurant cook Present in a restaurant Fills out orders in restaurants
Mrs. Crumplebottom Visits community lots Hits with purse/gives lectures to sims who have a romantic interaction


Social bunny When social need is very low Provides companionship until social is positive

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