The Sims 2: Hobbies

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Arts Cuisine
Personality Sloppy,Nice Neat,Lazy
Mannerisms Frame Hands Rub Tummy
Skill Creativity Cooking
Interests Culture,Fashion Food
Career Architecture Culinary
Secret Lot My Muse II Sue’s Kitchen
Unlockables None Serve Chips (3)
Serve Cheese(5)
Serve Appetizer (8)
Newspaper Arts Food & Dining
Titles Finger Painter (2-4),
Crafty Creator (5-7),
Modern Artist (8-9),
Creative Champ.(10)
Tasty Appetizer (2-4),
Talented Palate (5-7),
Delicious Dish (8-9),
Master Chef (10)
Magazine on: Tuesday Friday
Develop with: Activity/Drafting Table,Sewing Machine,View painting/Sculpture,Pottery Wheel,Camera,Flower/Toy arranging bench,Easel Juicer,Bar,Chocolate station,Cooking,Eating at restaurants,Food judging table,Cooking channel,Write restaurant guide,Kids stove,Toaster


Film Fitness
Personality Shy,Lazy Outgoing,Active
Mannerisms Read walking Stretch
Skill Charisma Body
Interests Entert.,Culture Health
Career Entertainment Adventurer
Secret Lot Desirable Discourse Platinum Gym
Unlockables Book Club (3) Go Jogging (3)
Protein Shake(5)
Newspaper Entertainment Health
Titles Regular Reader (2-4),
Bookclub Pres. (5-7),
Movie Maven (8-9),
Media Mogul (10)
Workout Buddy (2-4),
Trim and Toned (5-7),
Fit as a Fiddle (8-9),
Leader of the Pec (10)
Magazine on: Sunday Thursday
Develop with: Read,Discuss book,Read to sleep,TV, Watch movie,View posters/Stand-ups/Etc. Write novel on PC Yoga,Swimming,Ice skating,Exercise bike,Jogging,Protein shake,Tai Chi,Workout Channel,Obstacle course,Rollerblading


Games Music and Dance
Personality Playful,Grouchy Outgoing,Serious
Mannerisms Wrist Stretch Drum on Leg, Hum, Practice Ballet, Whistle
Skill Logic Creativity
Interests Entertainment Entertainment,Culture
Career Gamer Music,Dance
Secret Lot Games of Glory My Muse
Unlockables None None
Newspaper Fun and Games Music and Culture
Titles Casual Gamer (2-4),
Weekend Warrior (5-7),
Hand/Eye Coordinator (8-9),
Gaming Guru (10)
Foot Tapper (2-4),
Rhythm Junkie (5-7),
Groove Master (8-9),
One with the Beat (10)
Magazine on: Saturday Monday
Develop with: Bowling,Arcade Machine,Chess,Dart,Llama Board Game,Mahjong,Marco Polo,Myshuno, PC games,Pinball,Poker,Pool Table,Videogames Stereos,Ballet,Guitars,DJ Booth,Drums,Karaoke,MP3 Player,Violin,Modular Synth,Singing,Nursery Song,Dancing,Watching others dance,Pianos,Hula


Nature Science
Personality Sloppy,Playful Neat,Serious
Mannerisms None Do Logic Puzzle
Skill Cleaning Logic
Interests Animals, Environment, Weather Sci-Fi
Career Natural Scientist Science
Secret Lot Peerless Park Aspirational Laboratories
Unlockables Go Hiking (3)
Collect More Bugs (5)
Collect Even More Bugs (8)
Search for Constellations (3)
Search for Planets (5)
Search for UFOs (8)
Newspaper Home and Garden Science
Titles Leaf Picker (2-4),
Hugger of Trees (5-7),
Force of Nature (8-9),
Elemental (10)
Baby Biologist (2-4),
Telescope Whisperer (5-7),
Discoverer of Galaxies (8-9),
Some Kind of Einstein (10)
Magazine on: Tuesday Wednesday
Develop with: Aquariums,Beach Activities,Bird Watching,Bug Collecting,Catch Butter- Fireflies,Cowplant, Fishing,Gardening,Hiking, Hydroponic Garden,Koi Pond,Pet Bird,Tent Ant Farm,Biotech Station,Stargaze,Surgical dummy,Telescopes,Weather Machine


Sports Tinkering
Personality Active,Grouchy Shy,Nice
Mannerisms Shadow Box, Practice Throws None
Skill Body Mechanical
Interests Sports Toys
Career Athletic Military, Intelligence
Secret Lot Dreamy Fields Will’s Garage
Unlockables None None
Newspaper Sports Technology
Titles Backyard Athlete (2-4),
Stadium Sitter (5-7),
Season Ticket Holder (8-9),
Number One Fan (10)
Fixer Upper (2-4),
Eager Engineer (5-7),
Talented Tinkerer (8-9),
Master of Machines (10)
Magazine on: Thursday Tuesday
Develop with: Basketball,Axe Throwing,Boxing bag,Log rolling,Play catch,Putting green,Rollerblade/Ice Skating,Soccer,Toss Football,Watching Sports RC car/helicopter,Restorable Car,Robot Bench,Tinkering Patch,Train table,Repairing

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