The Sims 2: Desperations

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When in severe desperation, Sims will not accept any interaction and does a silly thing. Note that each Desperation has 2 or 3 different animations.

FamilySim pulls out and cuddles a flour sack marked up to look like a baby
FortuneSim goes out to the sidewalk and begs for money from passing Sims
KnowledgeSim has an intellectual discussion with a ball that looks like a professor
PopularitySim has a lively conversation with a paper cup decorated with a drawn-on face
RomanceSim cuddles and kisses a sponge mop with a decorated plate attached
PleasureSim puts a lampshade on its head and does a lively dance
Grilled CheeseSim pulls out a piece of cardboard with a grilled cheese face drawn on it and bites and kisses it

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