The Sims 2: Desperations

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When in severe desperation, Sims will not accept any interaction and does a silly thing. Note that each Desperation has 2 or 3 different animations.

Pictures Aspiration Description
desp13 desp14 desp15
Family Sim pulls out and cuddles a flour sack marked up to look like a baby
desp19 desp20 desp21
Fortune Sim goes out to the sidewalk and begs for money from passing Sims
desp07 desp08 desp09
Knowledge Sim has an intellectual discussion with a ball that looks like a professor
desp16 desp17 desp18
Popularity Sim has a lively conversation with a paper cup decorated with a drawn-on face
desp04 desp05 desp06
Romance Sim cuddles and kisses a sponge mop with a decorated plate attached
desp10 desp11 desp12
Pleasure Sim puts a lampshade on its head and does a lively dance
desp01 desp02 desp03
Grilled Cheese Sim pulls out a piece of cardboard with a grilled cheese face drawn on it and bites and kisses it

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Hi there! I’m Nicolas, your fellow Simmer who also happens to be the force simmering behind SNOOTYSIMS. I can’t believe it has been nearly 20 years since I created the very first Sims fan site. Time just flies by, doesn’t it? I’ve always loved writing about the Sims games and being part of its community has never ceased to be my personal thrill. Should you like to know more, connect with me on Instagram / DM me on Instagram with any questions or ideas you have.

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