The Sims 2: Cheats

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Cheats for The Sims 2 and Expansion Packs

To open the cheat box, hold down Ctrl, Shift and C

KachingAdds §1.000,- to household funds
MotherlodeAdds §50.000,- to household funds
Moveobjects on/offMove unmovable objects
Aging -on/-offSims won’t age
StretchSkeleton (number)Make your sim smaller or higher.
2.0 double size, 0.5 half size, etc.
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims #You can invite more guests with a party and more Sims show up at community lots. Use in Neighbourhood screen
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid [true/false]Use ‘false’ to place objects out of grid. Click here for more info about this and former cheat
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled [true/false]Use ‘true’ to enable CAS debugmode and more. Click this link for more info about this cheat
boolprop constrainFloorElevation [true/false]Use ‘false’ to make it possible to raise or lower the floor even when there are objects, flooring or walls on it.
boolProp simShadows [true/false]Turns shadow of sim on or off
Vsync on/offTurning off increases game performance but with some graphical errors as the price
floatProp tvVolume [0.0-1.0]0.5 is default. Lower or increase number to manage tv sound
boolProp displayPaths [true/false]True=You see the path where the selected sim walks to
boolprop unevenTilesFloorable [true/false]True=Can place floortiles on sloped ground
boolProp useEffects [true/false]False=Turns off all effects like speech balloons, memories and the sky
boolProp useShaders true [true/false]True=Makes the pool water clearer
faceBlendLimits -on/offWhen making a child in CAS, this cheat can turn off facial bounding limitations


University cheats

University cheats
boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation [true/false]Allows rotating any object in 45 degree increments with < and > keys
setHighestAllowedLevel [level]Can build higher then 5 floors
boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false]Enables build/buy mode tools in a dorm lot
changeLotZoning [residential | community | greek | dorm | secretsociety]Changes the zoning type of the lot


Nightlife cheats

Nightlife cheats
familyfunds [Familyname] #Add or extract money for a chosen family. For example, “familyfunds Jones +10000” adds §10.000 to family Jones. -10000 extracts §10.000
roofslopeangle [15-75]Adjusts the slope angle on all roofs on a lot
showHeadlines [on/off]Makes all thought balloons invisible
unlockCareerRewardsUnlocks all career rewards for selected sim
MaxMotivesSets all needs for all sims on the lot to full
motiveDecay [on/off]Turns natural need decay on or off
aspirationPoints #Adds the specified number of Aspiration points to selected sim
lockAspiration [on/off]Freezes aspiration point decay for all sims on the lot
aspirationLevel [0-5]Changes Sims’ aspiration level. 0=lowest, 5=Platinum level
agesimscheat [on/off]Adds ‘set age’ to interaction menu. Any sim you click on, can be set to any age group
setLotLightingFile [filename]Change lighting by choosing an alternate lighting file. Original can be found in /Nightlife/TSData/Res/Lights. To restore use “setLotLightingFile clear”


Open for Business cheats

Open for Business cheats
AddneighbortoFamilycheat [on/off]Click on an NPC to add one to the current household
ForcetwinsWith a pregnant Sim selected, using this cheat will transform the pregnancy into a twin birth
Sethour [0-23]Set time of day
PlumbbobtoggleMakes the overhead plumb bob invisible
Hold down Ctrl + Alt while an object is selectedAllows you to put as many items on a wall as you want, even if they overlap


Pets cheats

Pets cheats
boolprop ControlPets [on/off]Makes pets fully controlable, but you can’t cancel actions from their queue
boolprop DisablePuppyKittenAging [true/false]Turns off aging for kittens and puppies
boolprop PetActionCancel [true/false]Makes actions in a pet’s queue accessible
boolprop ShowCatalogePFlags [true/false]Activates labels in the detail view of each Buy mode and Build mode objects to show which product they came from (EP or SP)
boolprop PetsFreeWill [true/false]Turns pet free will off
DeleteAllAwningsDeletes all awnings on lot
DeleteAllFencesDeletes all fences on lot
DeleteAllHalfWallsDeletes all half walls on lot
DeleteAllObjects [Doors/Windows/Stairs]Deletes all Doors, Windows or Stairs on lot
DeleteAllWallsDeletes all walls on lot
IndividualRoofSlopeAngle [15/75]Activates a tool to change the roof slopes of individual roofs on a lot


Seasons cheat

Seasons cheat
bugJarTimeDecay [on/off]Makes fireflies live forever in jars when set to off


FreeTime cheats

FreeTime cheat
modifyNeighborhoodTerrain [on/off]Modify Nhood terrain: [= Raise, ]=lower, =level, p=Smooth terrain


Apartment Life cheats

Apartment Life cheats
printLotClassShows the current class of a lot
changeLotClassification [low | middle | high]Changes the lot classification of the lot
clearLotClassValueUndo the former cheat
boolprop controlpets [on/off]Makes roommates controllable
boolprop petactioncancelCancel anything your roommate plans to do
boolprop petsfreewill [true/false]Use false to turn off free will for roomates
boolProp aptBaseSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false]Use false to enable build/buy mode tools on an apartment lot
boolprop aptsublotspecifictoolsdisabled [true/false]Use false to enable build/buy mode tools in an apartment room (can give problems when used outside room).
changeLotZoning [apartmentbase/secretwitchlot]Changes the zoning type of the lot


Lot cheats

Lot cheats
boolprop lotWater [true/false]False=Removes water from lots (ponds)
boolprop lotTerrainPaints [true/false]False=Removes floorpainting on lot
boolprop showFloorGrid [true/false]Shows grid or not in build or buy mode
boolprop objectShadows [true/false]False=Removes shadows on objects OUTside house
boolProp guob [true/false]False=Removes shadows on objects INside house
boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel [true/false]True=Walls no longer cut away for selected sim
boolprop locktiles [true/false]False=You can place floortiles outside lot (Like on road)
boolprop reflectionWithExtraViewer [true/false]Turns on/off reflection in mirrors
boolprop renderInsideObjectOnlyOnSelectedSimLevel [true/false]True=Objects only appear on levels the selected sim is on and when that floor is selected
boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel [true/false]True=Only see selected simlevel; like when sim is on top floor, other floors are invisible


Neighbourhood cheats

Neighbourhood cheats
deleteAllCharactersRemoves every sim from the neighbourhood
TerrainType desert/temperate/dirt/concreteToggles between terrain types
boolProp CameraDriftCamEnabled [true/false]False=Camera does not move in Nhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps [true/false]False=Removes props like rocks and towers from Nhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads [true/false]False=Removes roads from Nhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora [true/false]False=Removes trees/plants from Nhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater [true/false]False=removes water from Nhood
boolprop displayLotImposters [true/false]False=Removes houses from Nhood (just the graphics, not the houses themselves)
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel [true/false]False=Removes bridges from Nhood
boolprop lotTerrainLighting [true/false]False=Lots won’t light up when you move your mouse over it in Nhood
boolprop carsCompact [true/false]True=Cars in Nhood have more detail
boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename [true/false]In Nhood, shows filename of house when you move your mouse over a lot
boolprop nhoodWaterReflection [true/false]Turns on/off water reflection in nhood
boolProp carsOnRight [true/false]Cars in Nhood drive on left or right side of road


Filmmaking cheats

Filmmaking cheats
Slowmotion 0-80 is normal speed and 8 is slower
boolProp enablePostProcessing true/falseMust be true for all filmic cheats to function
Bloom (r g b x)Creates a filmic look in which everything’s so bright it blurs together “r”, “g,” and “b” are color values (0-255) and “x” is the amount of blooming from 0 to 255
vignette (centerx centery X)Creates a filmic look in which a focal point is clear but everything around it is blurry
filmgrain (0-1)Creates a film graininess
letterbox (0.0-0.4)Creates a letterbox view of size specified


Less usefull cheats

Less usefull cheats
boolprop renderOpaqueUI [true/false]True=Removes transparency on control panel
boolprop lotTerrainCanvas [true/false]Not really sure. Grass turns blue?
boolprop displayLookAtBoxes [true/false]True=blocks appear on sims faces and on parts where sims look at
gameVersionAfter typing in ‘expand’, you see the game version in the cheat box
boolprop allObjectLightsOn [true/false]True= Lights up objects continously instead of only when used, like fridges/tv’s, etc.
floatprop particleDensity 1.000000Raise number to increase green damping on spoiled food
boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode [true/false]True=In neighbourhood shows the lotinfo. Can also just click on the ‘info’ button on the lotinfo screen
Autopatch on/offToggles notification of available game patches
HelpLists some, but not all cheats
ExitCloses cheat window
ExpandExpands or contracts the cheat window

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