The Sims 2: Career Objects

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Base Game

Picture Name Career Skill Description
Tele Prompter Politics
Level 5
Charisma Can be used to practice speech which satisfies fun and raising Charisma skill
Surgical Training Station Medicine
Level 4
Mechanical Can be used to increase fun and raising Mechanical skill
Execputter Business
Level 5
Charisma Can be played to increase fun and raising Charisma skill
Punching bag Athletic
Level 5
Body Can hit and at level 5, kick the bag to increase fitness and Bodyskill
Lie Finder Criminal
Level 4
Creativity When sim is lying it recieves a harmless electrical shock
Obstacle Course Military
Level 4
Body 2 Sims can run this course simultaniously to increase fitness and Bodyskill
Hydroponic Garden Slacker
Level 5
Creativity Can plant seeds and once it grows into a plant it needs tending. Can be sold after harvesting
Fingerprinting Scanner Law Enforcement
Level 6
Cleaning Sim will scan random object/walls for fingerprints
Chocolate Manufacturing Facility Culinary
Level 6
Cooking Can be used to make candies. Sims with high Cooking skill can make candies which can be sold
Biotech Station Science
Level 6
Logic Can be used to make medicine which can be used or sold. Can also make Viruses


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