Is The Sims Mobile Facing Its Final Chapter?

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Did you play The Sims Mobile also? Well, here’s a breaking news for you. The Sims Mobile has just unleashed a jaw-dropping revelation in their latest announcement dated January 29th! Let’s find out more below!

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The Sims Mobile AnnouncEMENT

The Sims Mobile team recently revealed through an official announcement that additional events will not be featured in the game’s upcoming updates, as informed to players. Despite the game not being on the verge of closure, a distinct phase is approaching where no new significant content will be introduced, except for the inclusion of new levels and items. Take a look of the official announcement of the Team:

To Our Sims Mobile Community,

From “Celebrity Life” to “Marrakech Majesty,” it has been an amazing journey with you all since we first launched The Sims Mobile in 2018. We continue to enjoy your conversation, the sharing of your Sims, incredible builds, and inspiring stories you have all created to date. We want to extend a massive thank you for being a part of our community, and share with you today, what you can expect from The Sims Mobile moving forward.

Beginning on January 29, 2024, The Sims Mobile will no longer receive new events in our updates. Game updates will be focused on some of our most cherished, fan-favorite and exciting Festivals returning from the past, often with the ability to unlock new levels and brand new items. Past fan-favorite events will also be rerun, however no new events will be added to the game. This shift in content releases will allow for players to revisit and rediscover the very best of The Sims Mobile all over again. As you continue The Sims Mobile gameplay, please also note the following:

  • The Sims Mobile servers will remain active and we will provide advance notice if anything changes with the status of our servers and/or the ability to purchase previously released content.
  • For any questions or support, The Sims Mobile team can be reached via EA Help:

The future of The Sims franchise remains bright, with other Sims titles to continue receiving new and fresh updates that you’ve come to love and expect. Check out The Sims Freeplay on mobile and/or download The Sims 4 base game for free, both featuring new content updates continuing to roll out. 

Read below for more about the returning releases including our latest that will launch on January 29. We will continue our communications updates with you via The Sims Mobile newsroom, on Twitter/XFacebook and Instagram

–  The Sims Mobile Team 

The Sims Mobile January 29, 2024 Update

For our next update, we’ve got the return of the “Spring Forward” Festival Pass. This Rerun comes with new additions so both new and existing players have something to look forward to, including 10 new levels, through which your Sims can unlock five brand new items. 

To learn more about all returning events part of this update, read the list below.

What’s new with the Festival Pass?

  • Glass Crafted Gateway (Tier 20, Free track)
  • Nalani’s Siren Sign (Tier 20, Premium track)
  • Victorian Vista Vent (Tier 27, Premium track)
  • Raven Haven Wall (Tier 50, Free track)
  • Bloom Barrier (Tier 62, Premium track)

Here are the 2024 event dates for this update 

  • Sim Festival Rerun: Spring Forward, 65-day Event beginning January 29 
  • Treasure Hunt Rerun: Royal Romance, 11-day Event beginning January 29
  • Wumple’s Wishlist Rerun, 5-day Event beginning February 5
  • Bakeoff Rerun: Charming Gardens, 11-day Event beginning February 12
  • Wumple’s Wishlist Rerun, 5-day Event beginning February 19
  • Treasure Hunt Rerun: Spring Fling, 11-day Event beginning February 26
  • Wumple’s Wishlist Rerun, 5-day Event beginning March 4
  • Bakeoff Rerun: Modern Luxe, 11-day Event beginning March 11
  • Wumple’s Wishlist Rerun, 5-day Event beginning March 18
  • Treasure Hunt Rerun: Modular Wardrobe, 11-day Event beginning March 25
  • Wumple’s Wishlist Rerun, 5-day Event beginning April 1

– The Sims Mobile

Final Thoughts

The future of The Sims Mobile might be uncertain, but as of now, EA is committed to ensuring that players continue to enjoy a fun and engaging experience in the game. While questions loom about the game’s final chapter, the present moment assures players that the journey in The Sims Mobile is far from over. There are still a bunch of updates returning to the game like the “Spring Forward” Festival Pass and some exciting reruns. So let’s still hope for the best and continue to look forward!

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