The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack: Is it Worth it?

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My simmers, we’ve all wanted a family expansion pack for the longest time, and now with the free infant update, everything about this screams perfect! The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack is finally released and is now available for PC and console! Continue reading for some actually interesting details and secrets about the new EP!

sims 4 growing together expansion pack
The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack!

Before we dive into 3 main features we love about the new EP, if you have seen the trailer already, or have not seen it, go ahead and watch it now! It’ll give you just the perfect dose of adrenaline rush😉

Realistic Gameplay & Milestones? YES PLEASE!

Say hello to a whole new set of family dynamics, social compatibility, and milestones that will transform how our simmies grow up together. It is actually no surprise that the developers have been working tirelessly to improve the game’s realism and make it as immersive and entertaining as possible for us – we just needed that one very important bit to feel all at home in the Sims 4. And now with Growing Together and the infant update, we have ourselves more intricate details than ever before (I’m actually SCREAMING INSIDE… excuse my excitement).

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Sims 4 Growing Together Family Dynamics – (Photo credit: EnglishSimmer)

With family dynamics, your Sim might naturally click with a random Sim they just encountered or literally bust heads with them, you never know the odds of either happening. Your Sim will also have preferences in the sense that they will actually choose who they would be friends or enemies with.

There’s so much to love about this new EP but the milestones feature is worth cherishing on its own. Every age group in the Sims 4 will have several milestones for important events, like a “First Promotion”, and a “First WooHoo”. It’s just lovely to look back on all those milestones when your Sims age and grow up, just like a memory book.

image 67
Sims 4 Growing Together: Milestones

There are even milestones for infants and toddlers and they’re honestly a game changer when it comes to realistic gameplay. Instead of simply having babies as objects, which felt like a forever struggle, we can now witness them gradually reach new abilities and skills.

image 69
Milestones features for infants!
image 68
How cute is this?

Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack: Awesome new content in CAS and build mode

From new clothes to skin details, the new expansion pack has a lot of new CAS content and build mode items in store for us. We have a decent amount of everything for all age groups.

Growing Together EP includes, but is now limited to, the following content:

growing together cas content
The Sims: 4 Growing Together EP: CAS Content
build mode content
The Sims 4: Growing Together EP: Build Mode Content

Introducing a new world: San Sequoiua

The new world has 3 neighborhoods in total: Anchorpoint Wharf, Gilbert Gardens and Hopewell Hills. Though there are only 3 neighborhoods, they’re pretty cozy and lively with a movie theater and more interesting places.

image 91

Here’s the San Sequoia world icon and its description:

image 93

Is Sims 4 Growing Together worth it?

Here’s what content creator Lilsimsie had to say about the new expansion pack.

image 88

I think it might be too soon to make any bold claims about favorite packs and stuff like that, but honestly, I think this might be one of my top two most favorite packs ever.
This feels like one of those packs that when somebody asks me hey Kayla, I’m gonna buy one pack for my birthday, which one should I get? I’m probably gonna tell them this one or Seasons because for me and how I play, this pack just adds so much to the game.

image 95

Just from my first forming opinions, I really enjoyed playing. I really enjoyed exploring and seeing different outcomes. I really like that this pack has certain consequences which feels like something I have been begging for in The Sims 4 for so long and they’re actually really enjoyable yes there’s a lot of pop-ups I don’t think that’s gonna be for everyone.


SnootySims’s review of the Growing Together EP

We’ll keep it short: the game has only gotten better with this EP. For someone who spends countless hours creating families and building relationships, and the fact that this EP introduces an array of new features that very honestly make the game more enjoyable than before, Growing Together is very special. For that, we highly recommend buying it.

Growing Together EP Now Available For Purchase On PC & Console

You can now purchase the Growing Together expansion pack on the EA store and Steam.

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image 66
EA Store

The Sims Spring Sale: Stack up on more Sims Content

There’s a really cool sale going on now that you won’t want to miss. From now until March 23, you can save big on all of the DLCs available for The Sims 4.

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